Insiders Edge Podcast Episode #171 – Big F’n Joe

Deathmatch Wrestler BIG FN JOE on Why He Wrestles in White Underwear

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Karlifornia Infirri: 00:00:16:10 – 00:00:52:10
That’s good, that’s good bro. Because here’s the thing. Like I think about a crowd seeing you come out for the first time and… this is the question that kind of makes me laugh a little bit. For a lot of people out there that may not understand when they first see Big F’n Joe walk out, why was your attire of choice a collared shirt and your white underpants?

It makes a great visual with all the blood because they’re both white. And I know Jasmin St. Claire’s talked about your big legs being eye candy in the past as well. So tell me a little bit about the decision for that outfit.

Big F’n Joe: 00:00:53:33 – 00:02:23:05
It all started through like a rib in a promotion called RISE [RISE: Underground Pro Wrestling]. We were doing like a storyline and it just… rather than wearing the dress trousers looking like Right To Censor, or Corporate Kane you know in a dress suit and stuff.

It is like more comedic, when I work security or a bouncer or whatever you call it where you’re from, a lot of time your trousers do rip in real fights. They just rip, like you’ll slam someone onto the floor and your trousers would rip and your balls will be out and stuff.

So, it’s just more comical. It started from that and it’s just an easy sort of thing, like no matter on first sight, no matter what match has been on before, you’re always going to remember the fat cunt in the tighty whities or the nappy or whatever the fuck people think is… like by hook or by crook, you’ll talk about it, and that’s all that really matters in wrestling, right? So, it’s half the job done there and then.

As well, with the Deathmatch thing, so many guys wrestle in fucking jeans and a long sleeve top and stuff and it’s just… it’s a Deathmatch, right? It’s a visual art form. So, I mean, for me it works, like I’m not justifying is a good look because it’s not, but realistically, for me, it’s good hustle because the gear is super cheap and people always fucking talk about it, and then when I do family shows as well, it’s like 90% of my shows, the family shows.

So, you can have more fun with it, You know, you in… fucking [under]pants so you can do like stink-faces and stupid goofy shit like that that just get over with a different audience because it’s more pantomime as such. But yeah, it’s just noticed. That’s the whole reason behind it really.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:02:23:49 – 00:04:09:17
Right. Okay, that’s cool now that I have uncovered that, and you know what, it does stand out people do remember it because I’ll tell you a little story here, Joe. On our YouTube channel. We do you know, reviews of wrestling pay-per-views, etc. and we’re the only ones that seem to have the balls to actually cover XPW. My co-host wasn’t really- he didn’t really know a lot about XPW.

So he was going to this kind of, you know, just looking at it from a fresh perspective, perhaps maybe he’d listen to a little bit too much Jim Cornette that week, but in the review, I mean, we talked about, you know you’re in three matches on that show, in the review, like, you know, you’ve worked with the big boy Terex, Necro Butcher and also MASADA you know, and my co-host was just ripping into you and I was like, ease up. Like, it wasn’t that bad. What’s your problem?

Anyway, I don’t know what was with him that day, but the day that the review went out on YouTube, you should have seen the amount of people with comments on Twitter, on our on our YouTube channel just ripping into my co-host.

And I don’t know, it just made me laugh so much that he was just torn to shreds by all these Big F’n Joe fans to the point where we did the next day do a reaction video of you and Casanova Valentine at T.O.D., and then he realized how in the wrong he was because he just didn’t get it, you know what I mean? And I think maybe he just judged you on what he thought was your attire. You know what I mean?

Big F’n Joe: 00:04:09:51 – 00:05:06:30
Yeah, I mean, I get that. Like, I know a lot of people don’t like the attire, and wrestling’s so subjective, so I’ll never get offended by, you know, someone not getting what I’m selling sort of thing.

But I just think like by hook or by- he was talking about it, right? If I’d have just went out in fucking jeans with some band patches and a fucking emo top on that, there’d be no conversation, right? So, it’s important to be remembered, so even if they don’t like it, they’re fucking talking, that’s half the battle. So that’s, that’s where I stand, plus, like, it’s more visual, like I’m bleeding in fucking [under]pants, man. In no knee pads. Elbow pads, just pants.

You know, some people are going out there like, looking like- can remember Greg Valentine when he was in that barbed wire match in Japan? They got fucking jeans on with pads over the jeans, fucking hoodie? It’s like, what’s the fucking point? It’s a Deathmatch, man. If I’ve got the balls to do it in [under]pants, then fucking… that says something to the other guys maybe. I don’t know.

Karlifornia Infirri: 00:05:07:54 – 00:05:20:53
Very cool bro, I just wanted to tell you that story because it got a real chuckle out of me, because I like when my co-host gets a little bit of misfortune in his life. It really… it pops me.


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