AEW Dynamite Results & Reviews for 20th March (2024)

Coca-Cola Coliseum, Toronto, Canada

Commentary – Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, Taz

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and brings out Mercedes Mone. 

Mercedes talks about missing wrestling and that she nearly had a career ending injury from her match in NJPW against Willow Nightingale 10 months ago.

She made a package for those that maybe didn’t know her which showed her at red carpets etc.

The lights went off and on with Skye Blue and Julia Heart appearing to attack Mercedes, they ended up getting chairs to inflict damage on Mone but were cut off as Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander came running out with their own chairs to make the save.

Willow had a chair in hand looking like she was going to hit Mercedes Mone but dropped it when Mercedes turned around. Mercedes then questioned Willow if she was going to hit her with the chair. 

Mercedes Mone comes across very self absorbed, she seems to be more of a natural heel to me instead of the happy, grateful baby face we have been getting so far. 

Alex Marvez gets interrupted by the Bucks and Okada, this seems to be ongoing weekly thing now with them making fun of Marvez. Okada says he is coming for Eddie Kingstons title. 

AEW Continental Championship Match

Eddie Kingston (c) vs Kazuchika Okada 

This was the singles debut of Okada who jumps to the front of the line for a Continental Championship match here in this one. 

I was quite surprised as these guys kept it classic in the beginning of this match with lockups, chops and basic wrestling moves.

I knew it was only a matter of time until the silly stuff started, I’ve watched enough Eddie Kingston Matches to know he loves letting his opponents forearm him, here he is again asking Okada to hit him. 

Okada hit his “rainmaker” but it just looked like a normal clothesline with no power, Kingston is pinned here in a match that didn’t go as long as I expected. 

Winner – Kazuchika Okada

In the Continental Classic Tournament, Kingston was kicking out of devastating move after move and then here we have a clothesline like this that has him beat, it doesn’t look good.

This Continental Title has been a flop since it’s been introduced, not only was there way too many titles to begin with but after Kingston won the tournament he was defending it against opponents that had no business even getting a title shot, Bryan Danielson was the only opponent of note. This title doesn’t mean a hell of a lot at this point.   

During this contest, The Young Bucks were shown with Tony Kahn at the gorilla position commenting on how good Okada is with Tony of course agreeing. 

PAC came out after the match for a stare down with Okada signaling that PAC looks like he is the first challenger in line.

Renee is backstage with Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana.

His mission statement is still the same, the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. 

Swerve talks about Samoa Joe trying to embarrass him two weeks ago by choking him out from behind after their tag team match together.

He said he is also known for choking people out as he had a steel chain over his shoulder.

He accuses Joe of ducking and weaving from him. He issues an open challenge for tonight after being inspired by Mike Tyson training for his come back. 

Backstage Willow Nightingale is with Kris Statlander and Stokley Hathaway. Willow says she is known for her smiles and being happy but after tonight she would have been in more street-fights than any other women on AEW. 

Mercedes Mone comes in the scene with Kris Statlander approaching her, she thanks her for having Willows back last week.

Willow was about to thank Mercedes again but got cut off as Mercedes said she had done enough in a rude tone. 

Singles Match

“Lionheart” Chris Jericho vs Hook

As a Chris Jericho fan I have not enjoyed what he has been doing lately, meaningless matches, it seems like he is in limbo and a match with Hook usually ends up with a loss as Tony Kahn seems to put him over against anybody no matter how unbelievable it may seem. 

This match started with Jericho getting multiple German suplexes landing on his head. I’ve said it before but this role Hook plays of a killer is miscast. 

Jericho isn’t the biggest guy in the world but still out weighs Hook by a lot and with Hook suplexing him all over the ring like he is Brock Lesnar just screams unbelievability. 

Back from the commercial break, Jericho was still getting German suplexes with commentary saying this is up to eight suplexes.

Jericho had Hook up on the turnbuckle for a hurricanrana but was reversed into Hook’s redrum submission, Jericho got out of it but Hook put Jericho in a modified small package to win the match.

Winner – Hook 

Hook had about 80 percent of offense in this match so with the shock small package victory it seemed strange. Fist bump after the match from these two.

I didn’t like this match whatsoever.

Adam Cole spoke in a pre-taped segment, he was disappointed in Wardlow for losing against Samoa Joe last week and not bringing the World Heavyweight Championship to the Undisputed Kingdom. 

He said his job now was to make sure that Roderick Strong and The Kingdom keep their titles and to not screw it up.  

Renee is backstage with Chris Jericho, he said that Hook has earned his respect and is a badass and a future World Champion, he says that next week he has a proposition for Hook. 

Tony Schiavone once again brings out Will Ospreay. Will rattled off his accomplishments in New Japan Pro Wrestling. In response to Bryan Danielson saying he couldn’t walk in his shoes, he made the challenge to Katsuyori Shibata for next week to do what Danielson did last week.

I know exactly how this is going to go next week, it’s going to be a long wrestling match with all the kick outs and all the unbelievable stuff that the AEW hardcores Will cream themselves over with Will Ospreay coming out the winner. 

Tag Team Match

“Timeless” Tony Storm and Mariah May (with Luther) vs Dionna Purrazzo and Thunder Rosa   

Purrazzo and Rosa ran straight in the ring and attacked their opponents. Mariah was still dressed as old school Toni Storm continuing her fangirl sidekick role she is in.

Luther got involved in the match causing Thunder Rosa to get distracted with Mariah May taking advantage.

This was quite a short match, Toni Storm got Thunder Rosa in the corner with the running butt attack, she went for her piledriver but Rosa reversed it into a pin for the victory.

Winner – Thunder Rosa and Dionna Purrazzo

After the match Dionna Purrazzo looked annoyed that she wasn’t the one that got the victory and that maybe Rosa shifted the attention to herself possibly being next in line for a title shot at Storm. 

Singles Match

Swerve Strickland vs The Butcher

Butcher very rarely appears on AEW programming so it was no surprise who was winning this match. 

Swerve made short work of The Butcher hitting the Swerve Stomp followed by a leg submission with the commentary team making note that that could be Swerve’s first submission victory. 

Winner – Swerve Strickland 

Swerve grabbed the mic and said in the begining he had the upmost respect for Samoa Joe, then when he met him he was indifferent, now he is close to hating him. 

He said he wanted to wrap the chain around his neck and put him on the post and choke the life out of him.

Samoa Joe came out and said that how he deals with people like Swerve is to give exactly what they want, Joe was about to come in the ring and fight but was interrupted by Don Callis who said Konosuke Takeshita is undefeated in AEW.

Swerve said he would take care of Takeshita next week then he was coming for Joe.

TNT Title Championship “I Quit” Match

Christian Cage (c) vs Adam Copeland 

I find when I watch AEW matches featuring younger talent then I watch two veterans like Copeland and Christian, it comes across as two totally different art forms altogether and I much prefer watching this, it’s just better crafted and more entertaining. 

The Canadian crowd were hot for this match. 

These former best friend brawled all over the arena, putting on Hockey jerseys and laying punches in just like a Hockey game which delighted the crowd. 

It wasn’t long until a ladder was involved with Christian taking the brunt of the punishment.

Copeland eyed to spear Christian through a table up against the guardrail but Christian leapfrogged Copeland and threw him head first into the ring post busting him open. 

Copeland’s face was a crimson mask as Christian delivered more punishment, both men slugged it out until both men were on the floor catching their breathe. 

They made their way back up the ramp with Copeland taking a hockey goals out from the backstage area.

Christian backed away with Copeland in pursuit, Shayna Wayne came from behind and low blowed Copeland with a hockey stick.

Christian then used the hockey stick on Copeland to try choke him to make him say “I Quit” with Copeland refusing. 

Christian brought out a barbwire steel chair and attempted to smash it over Copeland’s head which was facedown on another chair.

Copeland moved out of the way and clotheslined Christian with the hockey stick.

Copeland tried to make Christian say “I Quit” by choking him with a string, he was turning red but was saved by Nick Wayne and Killswitch who attacked Copeland. Shayna Wayne came in the ring and slapped Copeland.

Daniel Garcia and Matt Menard came running down to the ring to aid Copeland in eliminating Killswitch and Nick Wayne with them handcuffing both to the ring posts. Shayna Wayne made a run for it.

Copeland, Garcia and Menard handcuffed Christian to the ring post and kicked him in the nuts.

Copeland brought his spiked bat into the ring and lowblowed him with the spiked bat and was about to use the bat to his face but Christian said “I Quit”

Winner – Adam Copeland

Kev’s Thoughts – 

I’m not sure how I felt about Adam Copeland winning the match the way he did with Matt Menard and Daniel Garcia there helping him. 

Christian having his cronies interfering is acceptable as that’s what he does being a heel,  maybe if Manard and Garcia helped then  took off beforehand and let Copeland do it on his own after helping him would have worked better. 

Three men triple teaming the heel at the end wasn’t the visual I think that would satisfy Copeland’s long journey for retribution on his former best friend. 

Tony Kahn baffles me, this week he gives us a worthy top notch main event whereas last week he has Willow and Riho as the main which is never a main event anywhere in the world. 

This show was better than last week’s but it’s the inconsistency with AEW that really hurts the product from gaining ratings and numbers.

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