AEW Collision Results & Review January 6 (2024)

Being in Charlotte, North Carolina what better way to kick the show off with Ric Flair coming out first to join his friend Sting for his tag match tonight with Darby Allin.

06/01/2024 – Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, NC

Commentary – Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuiness and Kevin Kelly. 

AEW Collision

Tag Team Match

Sting and Darby Allin vs The Workhorsmen 

The Workhorsemen didn’t receive an entrance and were already in the ring, so we know this is a get over match for Sting and Darby before their big match against The Don Callis Family coming up on Dynamite. 

The Workhorsemen tried to jump Sting before the bell with a chair which had little effect as he pushed the chair into the head of JD Drake  with even Ric Flair getting involved with a chop and a Woooooo! 

Darby took a little punishment before he made the hot tag to Sting who rolled out the greatest hits, Stinger Splash and then the Scorpion death drop on Drake to win the match with Darby nailing Anthony Henry with a Coffin Drop on the outside. 

Winner – Sting and Darby Allin

With Sting’s career winding down I have to ask the question of why didn’t we get any matches that would of really peeked some interest, Tony Kahn has had Sting for a few years and we missed on seeing a CM Punk vs Sting match or even Cody Rhodes when he was there, there is Chris Jericho and Adam Copeland here now who would be great choices but Sting seems to be used only in tag matches with Allin. 

A package plays hyping the upcoming Sting and Sting and Darby Allin vs Don Callis Family match, it showed the match from this weeks Dynamite of Takeshita vs Allin which was a great match.

AEW Continental Crown Championship

Eddie Kingston (c) vs Trent Beretta 

As far as I’m concerned they have already devalued this new championship by having a 4 way match to determine the first challenger which Beretta won in a match with 3 others that haven’t exactly been featured a lot on AEW programming which didn’t involve anyone in the actual Tournament, this is odd to me. 

This was a very predictable match where we knew Eddie Kingston wasn’t losing his first title defense.  

I’m not sure what happened but it looked like Eddie Kingston quite possibly broke the bridge of Trent Beretta’s nose with a chop to the face, Trent’s face was covered in blood which only got worse as the match went on.

Beretta made a good showing of himself as he fought hard and took it to Kingston almost winning with a piledriver. 

Beretta kicked out of Kingstons back suplex but couldn’t kick out of his modified brain buster as he retained in his first defense. 

Winner – Eddie Kingston 

Backstage Tony Schiavone from earlier today has Willow and Kris Statlander and is asking about Stokley Hathaways interest in them and especially Statlander.  

Statlander and Willow say they are looking at making 2024 the best year with Statlander saying they are the best wrestlers on the roster. 

A Hook vignette is next, they are still trying to push him as a bad ass but I still feel he is miscast. He says he has his eyes set on Samoa Joe and his World title. 

ROH Tag Team Title Proving Ground Match

Komander and Bryan Keith vs The Undisputed Kingdom of Matt Taven and Mike Bennett (with Roderick Strong) 

Keith and Komander are practically enhancement talent so far from what I’ve seen and I’m actually surprised they got an entrance. 

This match was a lot more competitive than I thought it would be, Taven and Bennett have been very prominent on the show and just newly being part of The Devil Storyline and winning the ROH Tag Team Titles under masks, I thought they would wipe the floor quickly but it ended up a tough match for The Kingdom.

Keith and Komander had some great double team chemistry but it wasn’t enough in the end  with Taven getting the pin on Keith. 

Winner – The Undisputed Kingdom 

Renne is backstage with Jay White and The Gunns asking about the relationship with Acclaimed, they are interrupted by Billy Gunn and the Acclaimed, Billy Gunn asked if they  were explaining how your Dad had to save you again? 

Both teams have a common enemy in The Undisputed Kingdom, they argued who was going to take them down until Anthony Bowen stops everyone and suggested that he has learned in his time in AEW that you get to the top being in factions, he said to think about it as the Acclaimed leave the scene, Jay White and Colton Gunn don’t seem keen on the idea and left  but Austin Gunn and telling Renee that it makes sense. 

Singles Match

Adam Copeland vs Griff Garrison

He said Christian told him to get to the back of the line and he won’t get a title shot. He says he is going to earn his shot as he works harder than Christian.

He said he starts tonight as Copeland issues an open challenge to anyone in the back that wants to step up. 

Maria Kennelis comes out with Griff Garrison and Cole Carter. 

Griff Garrison comes out with an attitude and slaps Copeland who responds by saying he now has to beat his ass. 

Copeland chopped the crap out of the young Garrison and dominated him, he was about to hit him with The Spear but was tripped up by Cole Carter on the outside with the ref missing the interference. 

Garrison got some offense in but it was short lived as Copeland got him in a cross face and tapped him out. 

Winner – Adam Copeland

After the match Cole Carter attacked Copeland but it didn’t work out well for him as Copeland hit him with a spear. 

Backstage it’s Sting, Darby Allin and Ric Flair.

A Classic Ric Flair speech and a “Retro” promo from Sting hyping his and Darbys match and return to Jacksonville to face the Don Callis Family on Dynamite.

Darby Allin looked amused by Flair and Sting this whole promo with a smile from ear to ear.

Singles Match

Skye Blue vs Keira Hogan

A cold match with no story behind it and judging from the commentary it seemed this was just a get over match for Skye Blue as they spoke a lot about her and her change with her alignment with Julia Heart. 

This went way longer than it needed to but finally Skye Blue hit the Fallaway Slam and locked in her submission to tap Hogan out.

Winner – Skye Blue 

Another Serena Deeb vignette was next, this was a repeat of the one that aired on the Worlds End PPV preshow, these are shot well with Deeb in a straight jacket escaping. 

Singles Match

Claudio Castagnoli vs Andrew Everett

Claudio had a promo on screen playing as he is came down the aisle, he is challenging Hangman Page to a match on Dynamite. Basically dismissing his opponent tonight as a nobody. 

This is is how Everett was presented with no entrance, this was a squash match with Castagnoli thrashing Everett. 

Winner – Claudio Castagnoli 

Backstage Lexi is with Ricky Starks and Big Bill, Starks talks about how he is going to  beat Sami Guevara this week on Dynamite, Big Bill issues a challenge for next Saturday for Chris Jericho and Sami Guevara in a street fight for the AEW tag team titles. 

Tag Team Match

House of Black – Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black vs FTR

These two have had a bit of feud going on for quite a while and I’m a bit surprised this match was getting the pay off on this show, I would have thought it would have been on the Worlds End PPV. 

This match started off like a classic tag team match with holds and quick tags in and out with FTR getting the edge in the early stages. 

Dax Harwood’s family were at ringside, Malakai Black got in FTR’s head by going over to them with a grin on his face with FTR responding bychasing them off with House of Black retreating and sitting down in the middle of the ring. 

Malakai brought a chair in the ring with intention to use it on Dax to inflict damage but got distracted as he looked over at Dax’s family, Dax hit Black and Buddy with his partner Cash Wheeler helping him hit the double knees on Buddy to try get the pin but was stopped by Malakai Black.

Malakai got taken out with a double spike piledriver from FTR on the outside ring apron. Brody King came down the ramp looking to interfere but was cut off by Daniel Garcia who struck him with a chair to the skull. 

Buddy went for a powerbomb pin but was reversed into a pin as Dax surprised him with the pin to pickup the win for FTR.

Winner – FTR

After the bell Brody King and Malakai Black attacked Garcia and FTR, smashing Dax with a chair as House of Black looked at Dax’s family as he inflicted damage. Julia Heart appeared and did a ten bell count as the show went off the air with House of Black on top. 

Kev’s Thoughts – This was by far the worst Collision I had seen since reviewing, literally nothing happened on the show except wrestling matches and promos that were generic or did zero to further any story. 

It won’t surprise me if the rating for this one hits an all time low. 

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