AEW Collision Results and Reviews for April 06 (2024)

Worcester, Massachusetts 

Commentary – Nigel McGuiness, Tony Schiavone

AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match

FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) vs Top Flight (Dante Martin and Darius Martin)

These tournaments AEW keep insisting on doing are a real grind to get through, this match tonight is so obvious that FTR is winning  to advance to the final and you can tell by the crowd in attendance as they come across as lukewarm.

FTR brought Top Flight to their level and stopped the crazy fast high flying style that Top Flight normally operate on. 

I think this benefitted Top Flight as their matches become very similar and forgetful. 

There is all these bells and whistles in Top Flight matches at such a speed that sometimes it’s better to take it back a notch like FTR do and get back to the art of tag team wrestling. 

This match eventually got an “This is awesome” chant from the crowd but it just seems like this is because these type of fans chant that regardless, I didn’t feel the energy from this contest and what I was hearing and seeing from the crowd didn’t match this. 

These guys had a competitive contest with near falls from both teams and some cool innovative offense with Cash Wheeler nailing Dante Martin with his knees to pick up the win for FTR.

Winner – FTR 

As I said before we knew FTR were going to win and go on to face the Young Bucks but this being nearly 20 minutes long is overkill and not needed.

A short package which was credited to the Young Bucks played of Okada and The Elite.

Singles Match

“The Bastard” PAC vs Encore Moon

An enhancement match for PAC to rack up another win and he did just that, teasing he was going to do his Black Arrow shooting star press but instead he went for the submission victory by locking in “The Brutalizer” to tap Encore Moon out.

Winner – PAC 

PAC grabbed the mic and said he isn’t waiting for opportunities anymore and is taking matters into his own hands, he issued the challenge to Okada for his Continental Title. 

Renee is with Bryan Danielson backstage in a pre taped segment, Renee asks about Will Ospreay and if the match is it for him or to give the fans what they want. Danielson says he gets excited to test himself against a wrestler like Will Ospreay and admitted it was a bit of both. 

Tag Team Match

Chris Jericho and Hook vs Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty 

Another super predictable match.

This Jericho and Hook partnership has been going on for a number of weeks now and Im not finding it interesting at the slightest. 

I’ve stated before that I think Chris Jericho’s time in AEW is coming to an end or he should make the switch back to WWE, it doesn’t seem that there is anything creative that is coming from him like we have seen from him in his past.

Shane Taylor and Moriarty are absolutely in no way looked at as a threat at this point with them losing pretty much every time they step in the ring. 

What made it worse for Taylor and Moriarty is Hook when tagged in made them look silly with him dominating them by throwing them around. 

Jericho reversed Moriarty’s crossface submission into the “Walls of Jericho” with Hook coming in the ring for a headlock, Taylor tried to come in to break it up but Hook side suplexed him with Moriarty tapping out.

Winner – Chris Jericho and Hook 

After the match Anthony OGogo came from nowhere and jumped Jericho and Hook from behind, commentary mentioned where has he been? I have never seen him since reviewing AEW so it must be quite the absence. 

Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty came in to help the ambush on Jericho and Hook with them laying out both men. 

Anthony OGogo aligned himself with Shane Taylor promotions and draped the flag of the group over Hook and Jericho.

I already know what is going happen here, Jericho and Hook will get themselves a partner and next week it will be a six man tag with Jericho and Hook the victors. 

A segment with Dustin Rhodes is next with him talking about being under appreciated, he talked about his dad Dusty Rhodes bringing home the World Heavyweight title home back when he was a kid.

He vowed to become World Champion but has yet to achieve that in his career so he issuing a challenged to Samoa Joe for a World Title match on Dynamite. 

Rene is backstage in a pre taped segment with Will Ospreay who talks about conquering Japan, something Danielson has never done. Ospreay puts over Danielson as a top performer but says he is the greatest wrestler of the 21st century.

Six Man Tag Team Match

House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, Buddy Matthews) vs Bryan Keith, Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal

Another super predictable match, Keith, Daniels and Sydal never win on AEW programming.

Once again AEW use the formula of if the match is long and competitive then that helps to get those involved over. Absolutely not.

You can’t keep having talent take pin falls every week and expect the crowd to care. The crowd was also very flat for this match.

Buddy Matthews got the win over poor old Bryan Keith who always is the one to get pinned in six man tag formats.

I thought possibly they would do a little more with him since he became “All Elite” but it’s but nothing but losses for him.

Winner – House of Black

 After the match, Adam Copeland’s music hit with House of Black looking at the entrance ramp, Copeland surprised them and jumped them from behind.

House of Black had the numbers advantage and started to beat down Copeland. FTR and Marc Briscoe came to the rescue to even the odds.

The Young Bucks music hit and FTR ran up the ramp to get in a slug fest with them while Copeland and Briscoe took care of House of Black with Copeland spearing Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews.

Matthew Jackson found himself in the ring about to get pummeled with Nicholas Jackson saving him by pulling him out of the ring.

Lexi is backstage with Rocky Romero who challenges Roderick Strong for his International Title.

The Undisputed Kingdom come into the scene and low and behold Wardlow is back and with them.

He has been absent for nearly a month after his loss to Samoa Joe. This inconsistency is a recurring problem that hurts AEW.

Roderick Strong says that Romero has about a one percent chance to win. I wouldnt even give him that.  

Chris Jericho and Hook is backstage with Jericho talking about not having a third man, as I mentioned earlier about how predictable this scenario was. 

Hook said he had a third man with Katsuori Shibata coming in the scene using his Google translator to announce that he will have their back and that Shane Taylor promotions is going down. 

Singles Match

Trish Adora (with The Infantry) vs Yuma Sakazaki 

Is Tony Kahn trying to tank Collision? Both these women don’t appear on AEW and if they have before I don’t remember them. 

This isn’t just a cold match, this would be an ice bucket.

The crowd especially down the front appeared bored and were looking around at anything but what was going on in the ring.

You have that much talent on your roster that doesn’t even appear on AEW television and this is best way to use the time? 

Nothing against these girls but they deserve better and so do the audience. 

Winner – Yuma Sakazaki

Tony Schiavone mentioned that this was Yuma’s first appearance in 14 months on AEW, I don’t understand this match at all. 

Serena Deeb comes out for a stare down with Sakazaki. Riveting stuff here.

Backstage Angelo Parker is with Danial Garcia, Angelo plays the hype man role for Garcia, he says he looks around at the top talent in AEW and says he needs to insert himself in the conversation.

Singles Match

Claudio Castagnoli vs The Butcher

Holy cow there absolutely no thought put into this show whatsoever, yet another very predictable match with Castagnoli going over with the “Big Swing” into “The Neutralizer” 

Winner – Claudio Castagnoli

A pre taped segment with Julia Heart and Skye Blue is next with Heart bragging that she has beat Willow Nightingale twice before and is aiming for a third victory over her at Revolution.

Samoa Joe responds to Dustin Rhodes challenge in a backstage segment.

He says that Dustin doesn’t deserve a title shot and won’t give him it but will give him the fight he wants and if he wins he can be number 1 contender. 

Singles Match

Penta El Zero Meido vs Kommander 

Penta is another talent on the roster that is in stop start mode, he will be on the show, win a few matches then disappear and lose any momentum he had, this one was another match that was predictable.

This was what you expect from these two, a long competitive match with all the crazy high flying spots you have come to expect from these two Luchadores.

Penta nailed his modified piledriver after a hard fought contest to win the match via pinfall. 

Winner – Penta El Zero Meido 

After the match, Adam Copeland comes out for a stare down with Penta who he will face for the TNT title on Dynamite.

Once again this is super predictable, we know Copeland isn’t going to lose. Yawn.

Copeland has mentioned that he is having the most fun in his career right now, I just can’t understand him saying that. Nothing happened on this show.

Kevs Thoughts –

What even can I say about what I just watched. 

Probably the worst Collision I’ve seen and there has been a few stinkers before this one.  

Uncreative, stale, meaningless and predictable .


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