AEW Battle of the Belts VIII October 21 (2023)

FedEx Forum – Memphis TN

Commentary – Excalibur, Tony Schiavone

Collision this week suffered because of this special, putting all the champions on this show hurt the regular show, squash matches and filler is what Collision was instead of the solid show we had the previous week.

AEW International Championship Match

Orange Cassidy (c) vs Jon Silver 

Jon Silver got himself into this match by winning a put together meaningless 3 way match with 2 other wrestlers with bad win loss records. 

Does anyone really buy that Jon Silver is an actual challenger for this belt? I don’t.

Jon Moxley was walking back from the ring from the previous match from Collision and nudged Cassidy and pushed him as he was coming to the ring, obviously they are going for Moxley vs Cassidy down the track. 

Silver had most of the offense in this match with Cassidy taking a beating and making a comeback. 

Cassidy started to make flurry of big moves but was stopped by Dark Order member Alex Reynolds who hit Cassidy with the belt. Cassidy still managed to kick out at 2.

Silver went for a spear but missed and hit the middle turnbuckle. Cassidy hit the Orange punch and got the three count to retain. 

Andrade backstage interview

He was asked about his match on Collision against Bryan Danielson but before he could answer CJ Perry entered the scene, she said with a little guidance he could be the best and the most handsome wrestler on the roster, trying to scout him to manage. Andrade thinks over the proposal.

In ring promo with Tony Nese and Mark Stirling

Haven’t seen Tony Nese and Mark Stirling on the show for at least the last month of programming, somehow Nese is getting a TV title match. 

ROH Television Title Match

Tony Nese vs Samoa Joe (c) 

Another match where we knew the outcome, Joe made quick work of Nese tossing him around the ring and delivering the muscle buster for the win. 

Joe grabs the mic, he challenges MJF and said he is coming for his World Title. 

I’m starting to find that MJF is getting put into too many matches and angles. Joe is going after him, Jay White is feuding with him, Adam Cole has a friendship angle with him. Max Caster is trying to befriend him, Roderick Strong is involved with him also. Too much. 

TBS Womens Championship Match

Willow Nightingale vs Kris Statlander (c)

I haven’t seen Willow Nightingale win a match but here she is receiving a title shot. 

This was another match where we knew Statlander was going over. 

Most opponent’s Statlander has the strength advantage but she met her match in Willow who is a big solid woman. 

Willow has an interesting look from the rest of the roster and I just wish they would invest some time with these girls to allow the audience to know who they are and get you to care about a match like this.

Willow hit a cannonball to Statlander who was on the outside against the steps, she threw her in the ring and tried to get the win but Statlander kicked out.

Statlander fought her way back in the match showing her strength by picking Willow up and slamming her in the blue thunder bomb. 

Willow countered Statlanders top rope attack by going up and hitting a DVD driver off the top rope.  

Willow tried to go up to the top rope but was caught with a power bomb before she could get up, Statlander hit an impressive 450 splash and picked up the win to retain her title. 

Possibly the best women’s match I’ve seen since reviewing AEW.

Willow was going to shake Statlanders hand after the match but Skye Blue ran in and stopped her. Willow ignored her and shook Statlanders hand anyway.

Orange Cassidy Backstage Interview

Cassidy said he didn’t appreciate the Blackpool combat club getting in his face tonight so he made a match for Dynamite for him and Okada vs Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson.

Cassidy can make his own matches and book Okada too so it seems. 

AEW Trios Championship Match

Daniel Garcia, Daddy Magic, Cool Hand Ange vs The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass

There has been a lot of bickering in Garcia, Magic and Ange group, seemingly stemming from Garcia dancing in the ring. 

Anna Jay comes down to ringside with her team, she is smoking hot and once again has had very little character development on the show. give her an angle, something. 

The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass come to the ring with Caster rapping his insults to his opponents, they had the Memphis Grizzlies bear mascot with them which resulted in them doing a 4 way scissor with the mascot, funny stuff. 

Caster and Gunn egged on Garcia to do his dance early on, trying to cause Garcia’s team to get angry with him.

After an exchanges of holds Garcia teased he was going to start dancing wish resulted in Daddy Magic to come in a stop him.

Garcia once again teased he was going to do his dance but this time Ana Jay came into the ring to stop him, the referee then ejected her to the back. 

The challengers got control of the match making quick tags in and out beating down Bowens. 

Bowens finally made the hot tag to Billy Gunn who cleaned house. All six men started fighting all around the ring. 

Garcia couldn’t help himself and started to do his dance, he took too long showboating and got nailed with a fameasser from Gunn and double team slam from The Acclaimed with a pin from Bowens to retain the trios titles. 

A silly match with a lot of comedy spots. The team of Daddy Ass and The Acclaimed are a hot commodity in AEW and the fans really get into the scissoring gimmick.

A predictable “special” with not a lot to take away from it. I think if they just put all these matches on Collision it would have been a better option. 

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