AEW Battle Of The Belts IX Results & Review January 13 (2024)

13/01/24 – Chartway Arena, Norfolk Virginia

Commentary – Nigel Mcguiness, Kevin Kelly, Tony Schiavone.

The show starts with Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Big Bill and Ricky Starks brawling in the street outside the arena. It’s refreshing to see the show go out of the confides of the ring and backstage.

AEW Tag Team Title Match Street Fight

Big Bill and Ricky Starks (c) vs Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara.

Starks and Big Bill throw Chris Jericho into a pile of Dirt, in this time Guevara went missing, he came back in a golf cart and ran over Big Bill and Starks knocking them to the side. 

Big Bill had a bag full of bricks, Guevara was against a car with Big Bill throwing a brick which Guevara ducked out the way with it smashing the window. Jericho and Guevara double teamed Big Bill and double suplexed him on top of a car smashing the windscreen.

A man came out of the car yelling at Jericho for destroying his car with Jericho nailing him with a Judas effect knocking him to the ground. 

Jericho and Starks made their way into the arena brawling all over the place with Jericho putting Starks head in the photocopying machine and making a copy of Starks face showing it to the camera. Funny stuff. 

All four men continued to brawl all over the place, Guevara was flung into the wall by Big Bill but he flipped off the wall to avoid the impact which looked super impressive, Guevara grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed it into the eyes of Big Bill. 

Finally the men made their way towards the ring, Jericho set up a table with the aim to put Big Bill through it, Takeshita came from nowhere and hit Jericho in the head with a Kendo stick with Big Bill Power bombing Jericho through the table. 

Sami Guevara had Starks on the floor, Sami Guevara climbed really high on the Scaffolding part of the stage and dived off to hit Starks on the ground but missed with Powerhouse Hobbs pulling Starks out of the way with Starks laying an arm over Guevara to get the pinfall and retain the Tag Team Titles.

Winner – Ricky Starks and Big Bill

The bump off the Scaffolding that Guevara took was super high and looked rough, I hope he isn’t hurt from it because it looked like it would be a rough landing. 

A very entertaining match to start off the show, I wish we would get more outside of the arena stuff like this, it breaks up the show. 

Another Serena Deeb vignette was played next, these are shot really well, looks like she will appearing soon.

TBS Womens Championship Match

Julia Hart (c) vs Anna Jay

Anna Jay picked up a pinfall win in a multi women match on Dynamite pinning Hart’s partner Skye Blue.

Anna Jay tried to ride the wave of momentum and got aggressive early on trying to put Julia Heart away. 

Anna Jay looked she picked up a shoulder injury with her clutching it during the match. 

This was the beginning of her downfall as Hart got Anna Jay in a submission with her already injured shoulder not allowing her to fight through the pain with Anna Jay submitting.

Winner – Julia Hart

Backstage from earlier on in the day it’s Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal arguing again with Jarrett saying the only way to get back to winning ways was for Jay Lethal to leave. 

Karen Jarrett and Sonjay Dutt are also squabbling but trying to keep it together. 

Satnam Singn comes in the scene and makes this worse putting some sort of powdery egg in Lethals mouth. 

AEW International Title Match

Preston Vance (with Jose The Assistant) vs Orange Cassidy (c)

The Undisputed Kingdom of Roderick Strong, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett come down to ringside with chairs to sit and watch the match. 

Preston Vance really hasn’t been on the show enough to be the main event or even warrant this title shot, the guy has an impressive build and with a bit more character development to know about him this match would mean more. 

Like a lot of his matches, Orange Cassidy usually takes a fair amount of punishment before making a comeback, this went the same way with Vance getting the upper hand of the match.

Cassidy made his comeback with his hands in his pockets like he does, drop kicking Vance. Cassidy went to the top rope but Vance ducked out the outside, Cassidy dived of the top ropes but Vance caught him and then fall away slammed Cassidy into The Undisputed Kingdom which got Roderick Strong mad. 

Vance went for a Full Nelson with Cassidy escaping and hitting the Orange Punch and a Beach Blast to get the pinfall victory. 

Winner – Orange Cassidy 

The Undisputed Kingdom take care of Vance,  beating him and throwing him out the ring.  They surround Cassidy giving him applause sarcastically,  it seems like it will be Roderick Strong next to challenge Cassidy for his title. 

Kev’s Thought’s – The show started off great with the Street fight being highly entertaining but it kind of tailed off after that with it not feeling like a “Special” after that match. 

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Kev Curran

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