WWE Main Event #574 Results and Reviews

Here we are with another WWE Main Event Review. Wade Barrett hyped up the PPV in my city, Perth, Western Australia coming next March.

Singles Match

Indi Hartwell vs. Kayden Carter (w/Katana Chance)

Indi is in place here for a win I would say, but this was good for Kayden to show what she’s capable of. Hopefully Carter and Chance get in the hunt for the WWE Womens Tag Titles soon. I wish they treated Main Event like they did Sunday Night Heat back in the day. Indi was in charge for a lot of this early but Carter fought back. She needs to show what she can do and she did well by this point. Indi hit a spinning flatliner type manoeuvre and she picked up the win. Sportsmanship after the match, but I’ve had Carter and Chance to attack Indi afterward and try build to a tag match next week.

They show highlights from 2 weeks ago where AJ Styles and John Cena were warring on with the Bloodline, which leads to Cena and AJ against Solo and Jimmy at Fastlane.

They then show the confrontation between Shinsuke Nakamura with Seth Rollins, Seth asking for a rematch, which would a challenge come from the Champ? These multi PPV or PLE matches with Seth defending his title against people he’s already beat feels forced. We know he’s not losing the belt to Shinsuke. Same as with Finn. They try to create heat for this as much as possible but it’s going nowhere and not giving the results they want, but honestly, E for Effort. I hate Seth pandering to the fans though. 

They play footage of AJ getting taken out by the Bloodline. Then they warn Cena before beating him up. He’s left laying on Smackdown! But boy, where’s Roman Reigns?

Singles Match

Nikki Cross vs. Xia Li

Xia dominates early, sends Nikki to the outside and Nikki takes over and she taunts Wade Barrett who again, talks about needing a taser. Xia gets a good amountn of heat on Nikki, these are two ladies stuck on the roster with no trajectory. Typical. What I like about Xia Li, is that her offense is her own style. She’s made it signature to herself. Thats what you need to do to stand out. Back and forth between the two, Xia with a sick spin kick… there was another 2 count. Nikki won with her neckbreaker. This was a pretty decent match!

They then show highlights of the Judgment Day against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens from RAW and its a ferocious affair, whilst Dominik gets involved that leads to a near fall, Jey USO gets involved, if Jey isnt against Drew at Fastlane, he’s against Dom. Cody runs out too to a huge pop, they all get kicked out, JD McDonagh got involved and Damien gets the pin to retain. We go off the air!

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