WWE Main Event #573 September 21 2023

Delta Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m popping for the Main Event intro because 8/10ths of the people in the intro video are never going to appear on the show.

Singles Match

Nikki Cross vs. Indi Hartwell

Glad to see Indi back, she got injured in NXT during her title match and I guess she’s just going to be on the main roster now. Hopefuly Dexter Lumis shows up soon to do something with her so he actually does something. She takes on Nikki Cross who I feel like might end up getting released soon because they haven’t done much with her in a while. Just like how Riddick Moss was on last week’s show and now he’s gone. Haha Wade Barrett saying he needed a taser when Nikki got near him hitting the announce table. Wade is seriously a triumph. Imagine the pressure to perform now these releases are taking place! If Indi wins, I predict Nikki goes. When Dana Brooke lost clean to Lyra Valkyria on NXT i said it, Dana is done if she’s losing clean in NXT, and look what happened.

Big tornado DDT from Nikki as she closes in, crossbody, Nikki wins and saves her job apparently.

They show hightlights of John Cena in the ring talking to Jimmy USO on the Grayson Waller Effect from Smackdown. Jimmy and Solo got some heat on Cena and AJ made the save, I love that Grayson just sat there and watched it.

Then they show highlights of Cody and his confrontation with Dominik and the Judgment day, Cody laid waste to him and JD McDonagh.

Tegan Nox Vignette

Tegan talks about her injury woes and that she’s coming back to get what she always wanted. At least they are trying with her.

Cody Rhodes vs Dominik Mysterio from RAW airs next and how Cody beat him, again. Of course, and how it’s now Cody/Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens aligning to deal with the Judgment Day.

Singles Match

Tegan Nox vs. Xia Li

I assume Tegan is winning this as they were promoting her with the vignette. The story of her shit she’s dealt with is good to get that sympathy for her but if she gets injured again that will be a problem. “Lets focus on the match do yah job saxtinnnnhh?” I’m just waiting for Wade to take over Corey Graves’ spot. Xia Li worked on the surgically repaired knee. Tegan fought back with gusto, selling the knee and her gutsiness. Tegan evades Xia Li and hits the Shining Wizard to win.

They show highlights of Drew McIntyre and Jey USO from RAW as Drew hoped to gain revenge on an USO from costing him the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship last year. I am glad they are turning Drew heel here, he’s needed a fresh coat of paint for a long time. The Judgment Day are backing up Jey, and I was popping for Finn being so motivating. It’s funny how as a heel I like Finn but I hated him previously. Jey laid out the Judgment Day, Drew took advantage with the Claymore Kick and won. Drew declines to make the save for Jey as he’s beaten down but no, good guy Cody Rhodes made the save instead. If this leads to Cody Vs Drew in some way that would be interesting! We go off the air.

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