WWE Main Event #572 Results and Review from September 14 2023

Singles Match

Bronson Reed vs. Riddick Moss

We get straight into he action, and Australia’s own Bronson Reed is opening the show. You know what else is welcoming? Wade Barrett is on the call. Then, I laugh because once again Byron Saxton is on my screen and it just amuses me that he’s relegated to WWE Main Event and NXT Level Up. 

Riddick Moss is Bronson’s opponent here, and I feel bad saying this, but could Riddick be any more generic and bland? It’s not his fault. You’re only as good as the creative given to you, but not once have I found him interesting. Also, Emma should be coming out with him. It’s like seeing Mike Bennett without Maria! Bronson dominated early with his size advantage, and he’s another guy in dire need of some kind of direction. I know the WWE is a simpler product these days, but it wouldn’t hurt to, I don’t know, try?

Bronson missed a senton which gave Moss the opening to get on offense, but he was cut off once more before ascending to the top rope for the Tsunami Splash. Moss cut him off and hit a fallaway slam on Reed, which was pretty impressive considering the size of the big boy. Reed managed to hit an avalanche followed by a senton, and ended things with the Tsunami Splash which looked absolutely hectic.

Are this many Highlights necessary?

They showed some highlights from Smackdown involving The Bloodline and their recent angle with AJ Styles, along with a match from Smackdown involving Jimmy USO and AJ Styles. It’s a little lazy to fill TV time on a show like Main Event with matches that have already aired on Television. They have a whole roster of people that don’t get enough TV time as it is, why don’t they put a little bit of effort into this hour long show?

They then show some highlights from RAW involving Kevin Owens, Jey USO and the Judgment Day who were trying to recruit ‘Main Event Jey’ into their group. We then, again, see highlights, of Owens and Jey against Finn Balor and Damien Priest from RAW.

Tag Team Match

Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) w/Valhalla

We go back to the Arena now the Viking Raiders make their entrance. I dig the group. I just wish they did more with the Tag Team Division. How the heck are Cedric and Shelton not also flanking Lashley and the Street Profits? We never wanted the Hurt Business to split up Vince. I think the biggest shame of all is Shelton not being used to his full potential! Shelton and Cedric dominate early.

It must be difficult for not only the wrestlers, but the commentators when you have no story, and no clear trajectory to go off. The Raiders get some good heat on Cedric as Valhalla directs traffic at ringside. Shelton got the hot tag and clearly the guy is still in his prime! Big Angle slam on Ivar. Shelton is using some of Kurt’s movelist – Ankle lock! Cedric did a dive, a dive on WWE Main Event? Cedric gets hit with Ragnarok and it’s over.


They end the show with highlights of Rhea Ripley taking on Raquel Rodriguez on RAW, where Nia Jax made her return to WWE.

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