Rampage Grand Slam Results for September 22 (2023)

Rampage Grand Slam Night 1

Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York, NY

Tag Team Match

Christian Cage and Luchasaurus vs. Darby Allin and Sting with Nick Wayne

Christian’s ring attire is brilliant; he is already a great heel, but the turtleneck is like the cherry on top of the cake. He reeks of confidence, and you can tell he is really owning his current role in AEW. Luchasaurus may have been an odd pairing at first with Christian, but this now seems like the perfect partnership with both flourishing. I have to admit I popped when Tony Schiavone says, “It’s STIIIIIIING.”

Before the match officially starts, it was on with a big brawl. Luchasaurus threw Darby Allin into the ring post, which he spun out of the ring before hitting the guardrail. Darby Allin takes a beating like no other, and this looked painful. With veterans like Christian and Sting in this match, the pacing and storytelling were spot on. Darby took the beating before making the hot tag to Sting where he played the greatest hits, Stinger splash, Scorpion death drop, Scorpion death lock, all of the signature favorites.

Bit of back and forth with all four men until Darby was the legal man and took advantage of Nick Wayne coming up on the apron to distract Christian with a sneaky pin.

After the match, Christian had a stare-down with Nick Wayne and even stopped Luchasaurus from attacking him. It will be onto the next for this feud with the triple-threat match with Darby vs. Christian vs. Luchasaurus with Sting banned from ringside coming up on Collision. This was a perfect match to kick off the show.

Mixed Trios Match

Kris Statlander (TBS Champion), Orange Cassidy, and Hook vs. MATT MENARD, ANGELO PARKER & ANNA JAY with Jake Hager

Hook and Angelo start the match off. I have to admit I find Hook really odd to watch; he has the face like he could be in a boy band but the attire like he would be going into the Octagon. He does a lot of his father Taz’s moves with the T-bone suplexes, but it just doesn’t come across to me as convincing that he should be using it in his move set; his grappling and stance are all very unorthodox.

Hook starts the match with a few arm drags on the tag team before they tagged out to Anna Jay who looks like a million bucks. Her and Statlander had a bit of back and forth until Jake Hager took a cheap shot at Orange Cassidy on the apron. Hook came back in and played the role of getting the beatdown before making his comeback hot tag to Orange Cassidy.

All hell broke loose, and everyone got in the ring, which led to the big triple suplex with Anna Jay, Menard, and Parker taking the hit. Lots of run-ins from everyone coming in and out with Hager interfering again until Cassidy eliminated him out of the equation with an Orange punch and then delivering another one to Angelo Parker who sold it like he got shot by a gun with Cassidy picking up the win for his team.

QTV Spot

Next was a QTV segment with Johnny Elite (John Morrison in WWE) and a few others who I’m not aware of, nor did the segment tell us who they were. I believe QT Marshall has a stable, and all these people are in it? Johnny played some footage of QT Marshall wrestling, and the group talked back and forth. I couldn’t make any sense out of this segment and don’t really know what purpose it was supposed to serve as I didn’t have a clue what they were on about.

In-Ring Interview with Don Callis

Featuring Sami Guevara and Takeshita

Don Callis had an in-ring interview segment with Tony Schiavone next, with Callis getting some real heat from the crowd on arrival. He was accompanied by Takeshita and introduced Sami Guevara, who was the newest member of the Callis family. He said that he pursued Chris Jericho to join but got the man he really wanted in Sami Guevara. Guevara said Jericho was holding him back and taking him for granted and that Chris Jericho was dead to him.

Jericho came out to a huge ovation and marched into the ring and attacked everyone. The numbers game caught up with him as Takeshita took him down with a chair shot, held Jericho up for Sami for Don Callis to get some cheap shots, then took out a screwdriver! Luckily, Kenny Omega came out to make the save with a steel pipe in hand. Jericho got back up and backed into Kenny Omega, with both having a stare-down.

After the ad break, it was a backstage reaction with Kenny Omega before he was interrupted by Jericho. They admitted they weren’t friends but accepted to work together to take down the Don Callis family, with them making a challenge for the next PPV – Wrestledream (quite possibly the worst name for a pay-per-view in recent memory).

Fatal 4 Way Tag Match

The Hardys vs The Righteous vs The Kingdom vs Best Friends

This would determine the number one contender for the ROH Tag team championships. There wasn’t much structure to this match, with a lot of brawling all over the place, lots of spots and diving over the top rope. It took a while before the match got into more of a tag format, with the Hardys executing some of their classic double-team moves. The Righteous ended up winning the match after Jeff Hardy nailed his Swanton bomb on Chuck Taylor. They pulled Hardy out of the ring and gave another Swanton for good measure to become the number one contenders.

The show went off the air with The Kingdom having a tantrum and beating up the other teams.

Rampage Grand Slam Night 2

Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York, NY

The show starts off with a recap of the events regarding the number 1 contenders’ tag match from part 1 from the commentary team of Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Ian Riccaboni. The Righteous will now face “Better than you Baybay” (Adam Cole and MJF) for the ROH tag team titles.

Excalibur introduced a Mike Santana package; he showed aggression with some expletives and talked about being on his own. He stated that no one is going to get in his way, suggesting that LAX is no more, and he’s now a singles competitor.

AEW Trios World Championship Title Match

Acclaimed vs. Dark Order

Max Caster came out with his usual rap, dissing the Dark Order. The Acclaimed’s comical “scissoring” gimmick, although over-the-top, worked well with the crowd. However, the pace felt slow initially for a trios match. Eventually, the action picked up, and Billy Gunn’s dominance was evident. The Dark Order nearly stole the victory with Evil Uno using the title belt to nail Caster, but Caster kicked out. The Acclaimed retained with an inverted back suplex.

Singles Match

Skye Blue vs. Julia Heart (accompanied by Brody King)

There seemed to be a backstory to this match judging by the way both were approaching each other. A small package before the match started would have been helpful to understand the story between the two. The physical match saw Skye Blue take control early, but an impressive vertical top rope suplex from Julia Heart changed everything. Heart locked in her submission for the victory, maintaining her undefeated streak at 25-0. After the match, Heart locked in her submission again, with Willow coming out to make the save, setting up a possible future meeting between the two.

Backstage Segment

Featuring Jay White and Bullet Club Gold

Jay White and Bullet Club Gold made fun of Andrade. Jay White cut a promo hyping his match for Collision, where he vowed to beat Andrade.

Singles Match

Mike Santana vs. Iron Savages Bronson

Santana appeared to have put on some size since the last time I’ve seen him. This was essentially a squash match to get Santana over. Bronson, not having an entrance, was clear enhancement talent. After the match, Santana’s former partner Ortiz came out to confront him. Santana walked past him without coming to blows.

Featuring Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland

A brief package hyped Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland’s feud.

ROH World Six-Man Title Match

The Elite (Hangman Page and The Young Bucks) vs. Mogul Embassy

Kaun of The Mogul Embassy has a unique look that should be utilized more. The Elite, as the main figures of AEW, dominated the majority of the match. However, it was hard to suspend disbelief as The Mogul Embassy members are big guys who shouldn’t be getting beaten around like this. After an ad break, The Elite regained control. Swerve Strickland observed the match from the top of the ramp. He eventually made his way down to distract Hangman Page, allowing Brian Cage to hit Hangman with his finisher. Hangman reversed it and pinned Cage to become the new ROH trios champions. The show went off the air with the Elite celebrating their win, and Swerve looked disgusted.

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