NXT Level Up #83 Results for September 15

Tag Team Match

Dani Palmer & Tatum Paxley vs. Meta-Four (Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend)

We kick off with some action here on Level Up and Byron Saxton was showing more character than I’ve ever seen, acting like he’s down with Meta-Four. He is such a nerd, and it popped me. This is the first time I’m seeing Dani Palmer and I assume she and Tatum Paxley are one of these put together tag teams.

Why do they have Women’s tag teams in NXT when they got rid of the tag team titles? What are these ladies fighting for? This was also the first time I have seen Jakara wrestle too. Man, Tatum Paxley really put her full body into her bumps! She fully commits. Dani Palmer came in for a hot tag and appears to be VERY athletic, hitting a variety of high flying maneuvers and headscissor takedowns.

Tatum ends up turning on Dani out of the blue, and Meta-Four took advantage and hit a dope double team sit down facebuster/cutter combination to pick up another win. Post match – How long does Tatum want to stand out there talking smack to Dani for? I do have a good feeling about Tatum Paxley. It took me a while to remember that she was in an angle with the Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile a while ago! They just have so many people on this roster.

Tyriek Igwe/Tyson Dupont Interview with Kelly Kincaid

Tyson and Tyriek are interviewed and are cimply just introducing themselves as a new tag team here in NXT. How many people are on this roster? I just checked… NXT Kelly Kincaid has made me laugh a few weeks in a row now, muttering thoughts to herself after the interview is over. This time, she said she wish she had a complicated handshake with somebody like Tyriek and Tyson had.

Tag Team Match

Bronco Nima & Lucien Price w/Scrypts vs. Tyriek Igwe & Tyson Dupont

The GTA influenced intro for Nima and Price is awesome. Tyriek and Tyson look pretty jacked, it’ll be interesting to see where they go. I liked the selling from Tyriek throughout Bronco and Luciens heat. Tyson appears to have a lot of promise as an athletic big man, the dude has a huge vertical leap. Unfortunately for the debutants, Bronco and Lucien picked up the big win with a suplex/alabama slam combo. That was dope. I was more impressed with Tyson and Tyriek though.

Global Heritage Invitational Group A Match

Tyler Bate vs. Charlie Dempsey

Charlie needed to pick up a win here in this tournament, as he’s still without a win. I’m still mad over Tyler Bate beating Dabba Kato in under 4 minutes last week. This match was a real chain wrestling masterclass! Tyler Bate with a really strong bridge at one day, and eventually they both end in in a position where they are all wrapped around one another, which looked kind of funny, especially with the Dempsey body scissors.

Bate went for his little bounce off the ropes, and ended up folded up with a really awesome bridging German suplex! Back and forth European uppercuts as they headed near the finish, after an exchange of pinfall reversals, Bate gets the predictable win. I am disappointed, I wanted Charlie to pull off an upset. We go off the air.

Fairly standard episode of Level Up!

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