NWA Samhain 2023 Review October 28 (2023)

NWA Samhain 2023 REVIEW | WZWA Network (October 28th, 2023)

Pre Show

Exodus Pro Title Tournament Qualifying Match

Brandon Day (w/Towel Boy) vs. Manbun Jesus (w/The Grizzly Groovies)


I’m guessing Exodus Pro is one of these Indy companies that are now apart of the NWA. This is a Qualifying match for their NWA Exodus Pro Heavyweight title Tournament starting December first.

The Match:

This was a standard back and forth between the two, I had never heard of either of them. Brandon Day got the win with a short arm clothesline. That was a good quick one to start off.


Jay Bradley from the Fixxers confronted Day and laid out his flunky, Towel Boy with a bigtime clothesline. Jay made it clear he wanted the NWA Exodus Pro Midwest title.

Austin Idol Interview with Kyle Davis

Austin Idol TORE IT UP on the Mic being angry about being on the Pre-Show. That was tremendous!

Six Man Tag Team Match

The Outrunners (Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd) & Zyon (w/Austin Idol) vs. The Country Gentlemen (AJ Cazana & KC Cazana) & Jordan Clearwater (w/Joe Cazana)


Just a put-together 6 Man match for the Pre-Show. This is the new version of the Country Gentlemen, Clearwater is now EC3’s protege, and it looks like the Outrunners have aligned with Idol and Zyon.

The Match:

I dig the Outrunners, I think they are a solid duo. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen the new Country Gentlemen work together and I think they are a better duo than what we were getting prior. KC did a good job selling. Jordan Clearwater looks to have been working on his physique, and this might have been the first time I really noticed him! The Country Gentlemen work together to get the victory. Zyon attacks Clearwater after the match!


Just establishing the new team and kicks off a proper feud with Zyon and Clearwater. Seeing Austin Idol actually clock Joe Cazana was hilarious, I loved the way Joe hit the deck.

I am so happy to see the Headbangers are on the card!

NWA World Women’s Title #1 Contendership Four Way Match

Samantha Starr vs. Missa Kate vs. Tiffany Nieves vs. Chelsea


What do you think bro? It’s to find a #1 Contender. Oh boy Chelsea screwed up a handspring early on!  

The Match:

Missa Kate is my pick for the win here. Chelsea and Tiffany confuse me being in this match as they haven’t been on any programming, yet they’re in a #1 contenders match. Missa is looking like the most polished in this one – and I was also digging the presentation of Tiffany Nieves. Starstruck DDT by Starr and she wins!


It’s Samantha’s time to get a bit of spotlight coming up, she’s the new #1 contender.

Violent J has a vignette where he challenges La Rebellion to a Riddlebox match, and that was awesome. 

Vampiro Interview with May Valentine

Vampiro doubles down on Violent J and touts his experience and how J left him high and dry. This was a very decent promo from Vamp, this really sold the feud and match at Samhein well.

NWA United States Tag Team Title Match

Daisy Kill & Talos (c) vs. The Immortals (Kratos & Odinson)


This was thrown together at the last minute, The Immortals made a physical challenge to Talos and Daisy Kill on NWA Powerrr last week.

The Match: 

I sense title change here. Talos and Daisy Kill haven’t had much of a run here, but an Immortals victory will definitely make the NWA United States Tag Team Titles mean more.

Kratos and Odinson look dominant as a team, formiddable even. They got legitimacy when you take one look at them. Talos helps get heat underway, which is what the big man was designed for, I still think he needs updated gear though.

Odinson makes the hot tag impressed, Kratos NAILS Talos and suplex’s him into the ring, as Odinson and Kratos took him out, Daisy got hit with an uppercut in mid air and Talos is nailed again on the outside by Odisnon, Kratos hits the KTG and they win the US Tag Titles!


Now it’s time for the U.S Tag Titles to get their spotlight and I think the right decision was made here. The Immortals are now on their way!

Father James Mitchell is the Hist of the proceedings and he has his Sinettes with him. Hilarious. This guy is so tremendous at what he does. He’s Got a 1.25 liter of Jack Daniels on him.

Samhain – Main Show

Devil’s Last Dance Ultimate Hardcore Team War Match

Alex Misery, Magic Inc. (Cody James & Jake Dumas) & The Miserably Faithful (Judais & Max The Impaler) (w/CJ & Father James Mitchell) vs. Koa Laxamana, Magnum Muscle (Dak Draper & Mims) & The Miserably Faithful (Gaagz The Gymp & Sal The Pal) (w/Kallies)


This angle with Judais and Gaagz/Sal The Pal has been going on for some time, and this looks to be the blow off. If Jim’s team wins he gets Sal and Gaagz’s souls forever.

The Match: 

Danny called Koa ‘Koa Laxative’ during their entrance. They got some lays from Koa, and Danny said ‘got laid at the PPV’. Great stuff. I am concerned that this PPV has 11 matches, here’s hoping I can get the review done before I have to go to bed.

Dak and Max were in this together early, and this is okay for me and you know why? Max is the same size as the rest. Dak Draper actually… eliminated Max The Impaler! Over the top rope.

CJ headscissored Dak, and Alex Misery came in next. Misery too got eliminated by Dak over the top who tumbled to the outside ferociously and I popped for that. 

Dak copped a snapped cane to his back and he got hit with a Big Ending and got liminated. Koa Laxamana came in next.

Cody James dove over the top rope onto the other opponents and got himself eliminated. Kallies and CJ end up fighting in the ring. Kallies is so AWKWARD! Koa and Jake Dumas break the ladies up, and Magic Jake DDT’s Koa, and CJ DDT’s Kallies. The eliminations come quick! Mims  comes in and got whiskey to the eyes! I like the new look for Jake, who… LIGHTS UP A CIGARETTE! Joe Galli is outraged, and he went to burn Mims with the ciggy, but Mims reversed it, ciggy to Jake, and Jake got laid out to be eliminated.

Max comes in when they aren’t in the match because Max doesn’t understand, which works. Judais came in to lay waste. Jacknife pin from Mims and again, Judais again is made to look like a bitch. Massive lariat from Max and Mims got eliminated! Gaagz came in and desperately tried to get the advantage on Max. Danny Dealz can’t believe HIS IRONING BOARD was inserted into the match, which was ridiculous and I’m here for it.

Gaagz got put through the ironing board and then copped a lariat to get eliminated! It was down to Sal and Max. Max, I don’t want to see you ever go for a dropkick again. Sal is leveled with a lariat as Max held onto a chain. Gaagz came in and volunteered himself as the last member of the match, he cops Welcome to the Wasteland and wow. They lost!


Sal and Gaagz now have to stay under James Mitchell!

Loser Leaves Town Match (Special Referee: Rolando Freeman)

Brady Pierce vs. Rush Freeman


The Spectaculars struggled for some time as a team, Brady Pierce had enough of the grouping, and left to seek out his own success. Rolando and Rush have been at odds a little lately too, and a Rolando heel turn looks obvious. Rush has been failing a lot lately, and I think Brady getting a fresh coat of paint has been good for him, and I hope Rush gets that too. Although, the loser has to leave the company!

The Match: 

The heat is low for this one. A big screen for the Live crowd with a video package on what brought us here, with dramatic music, would have helped. Trust me! Rolando looked ridiculous in his outfit. Rolando is calling it down the middle but I bet he turns.

Brady excudes confidence now he’s turned heel but he is close to being a generic heel. Rolando low blows Brady Pierce and…

MATT CARDONAS THEME HITS. Rolando dropkicks Matt and Matt NAILS Rolando. Matt destroys Rush. Then Cardona turns on Brady! What the hell is this about? Matt counts Rolandos hand down with Rush winning, why the hell would he interrupt then when Rush had it won? 


Brady leaves the town. 

Matt Cardona In Ring Promo

Matt wanted to be in the Main Event tonight as he cut a post match promo. Matt rips into Thom Latimer and EC3. He calls out William Patrick Corgan! Surely Corgan brings out Scott Steiner to fuck him up. Corgan comes out pissed off. I am digging Corgans anger.

Haha oh shit Billy said the F word! He drops the 5 Star Match thing, making fun of Dave Meltzer. This is interesting. William teases Cardona being added to the Main Event. Matt Cardona gets told to go to hell. Hilarious. Cardona grabbed his chair and looked to hit Billy.

Kamille comes out and spears the shit out of Matt Cardona! Off comes her jacket and woah. She belts Matt with his orange chair, and the chair is bent! What an awesome segment and holy hell Kamille you looked awesome.

EC3 Interview with May Valentine

He just kind of re-iterated the promo’s he’s cut on Thom in the past. Good stuff though!

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Pillar To Post Match

Colby Corino (c) vs. Joe Alonzo


Joe and Colby have been arguing on social media. I don’t know what else they did to get to this point but Joe has been a staple with the NWA as a rising heel for some months now.

The Match:

Colby aggressive out of the gate, it looks like they have chemistry and I say that right out of the gate! Joe dropkicked Colby in mid air as he went for a suicide dive. Jesus, there’s still 9 matches left.

Colby bleeds after hitting the ring post. They brawled to the stage, this is a Pillar to Post match afterall. Coldy with a flip off the stage on Joe which was tremendous!  They go through the stands, which is a rare sighting for a NWA PPV. It’s usually floor seating only.

This match had little heat prior so they managed to up the ante. Colby knocked Joe off the 2nd story and dove onto the NWA Security. Joe Alonzo move out the way though, and hit the skull crushing finale on the wood floor for a 2 count. Colby stufed a plastic bag on Joe’s head and then DDT’d Joe on the floor and Colby wins!


Colby Corino retains as expected, and the reign continues! Thankfully, the matches aren’t going too long. 

Rock N’ Roll Tag Team Match

The Head Bangers (Mosh & Thrasher) vs. The Southern 6 (Alex Taylor & Kerry Morton)


As far as I know this match came to be at the last minute, I have not heard one thing about this on episodes of Powerrr heading to this one. The rules are that if you can’t get a 3 count, you have to take a shot of liquor. That’s insane.

The Match:

They still look the same age they did back in their WWF days! It’s great to see a team like this get brought in, and I hope they stick around.

Mosh grabs the Whiskey and has a swig, Alex does the same, Thrasher is next, and Kerry freaked out over it. Joe Galli talked about Kerry having half a Fosters in Australia and blacking out. Thats comical. Kerry is drunk already, apparently.

Great agility from Mosh when he hit the springboard on Kerry. The shots are time consuming which might hurt the flow. Thrasher does a shot, Alex rolls him up, does 2 shots and spits the whiskey in Thrashers eyes.

Heat on Thrasher, The Southern 6 double suplexed Thrasher and took control. Thrasher fights back with gusto, the crowd were hot for the hot tag! Mosh is still so quick and athletic.

The Headbangers never got their due you know that? Thrasher with a dive! That was crazy. Kerry cheated to win with a roll up with his feet on the ropes!


I hope this feud continues and the Headbangers are there for the long term. They cheers after the match and it was time for the Stage Dive on Alex Taylor! Awesome.

Submission Match

Jax Dane vs. Blake Troop (w/Chris Silvio Esq.)


Troop and Chris turned on Jax Dane after NWA 75 when Jax wouldn’t end Tim Storms career. I hope Tim gets involved here.

The Match:

Damn it, there’s still 7 matches. It wouldn’t be a problem if I watched this during the day when I had the chance but was too hungover. Troop dominated early. Jax wouldn’t stay down and hit an array of suplex’s on Troop! Jax continued his domination before getting trapped in a triangle choke.

Jax was in a figure four, he dragged Chris Silvio into the ring and headbutted him! Jax eventually laid Troop out with a massive lariat then locked in Trap City! Silvio got in the ring and got laid out! Troop passed out and Dane won.


This feud should be done straight up here after Jax won so decisively. 

Ruthie Jay Interview with May Valentine

Another cookie cutter, babyface interview when they are heading into a title match, which isn’t offensive, it helped add a layer to the story before the showdown with Kenzie Paige later.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Title Match

Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kylie Paige) (c) vs. Natalia Markova & Taylor Rising


Natalia and Taylor formed their team about a month ago, and won their number 1 contenders match over M95 to get this title shot. Natalia of course looks insane tonight.

The Match:

Ella and Natalia had a pose off and it was ended with Ella getting slapped. Pretty Empowered with the right psychology being the more experienced team, dominated early.

Taylor got the hot tag and hit some solid suplex’s. Markova and Rising hit stero Missile Dropkicks for a close nearfall. Natalia missed Beautiful Destruction, Kylie Paige hit a Code Kylie for the win and Pretty Empowered retained!


Pretty Empowered retain and I am guessing they will continue on and eventually reconvene with their story with former member, Roxy.

NWA National Heavyweight Title Burning Lake Brawl Match

Silas Mason (w/Ricky Morton) (c) vs. Chris Adonis


Chris Adonis became #1 contender from winning a few matches recently on Powerrr, namely one over Zyon. I have a hard time seeing Silas retaining here because Adonis is on another level but perhaps he’s putting the younger guy over?

The Match:

Silas over early on and showed he matched up with the veteran! Adonis fought back, went for the Masterlock and Silas avoided it. Ricky Morton got involved and that helped Silas cut Adonis off! If they’re headed to Network TV, perhaps Adonis as the National Champ helps.

What the hell is a Burning Lake Brawl by the way? Thrill Ride attempt blocked with a Masterlock attempt! Silas hits the Thrill Ride and retains!


Huge win for Silas, way to go Adonis for helping the new guys. Silas walks away retaining, and this leaves Adonis’ future in a little bit of question for what he does next.

Six Man Tag Team Riddle Box Match

The Brothers Of Funstruction (Ruffo The Clown & Yabo The Clown) & Violent J vs. La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) & Vampiro (w/Jerry Other)


This match has had great buildup! They have been feuding for weeks with Violent J and Vampiro being the mouth pieces. This should be interesting.

The Match:

This is a Riddle Box Match, all the boxes on the ring have a different weapon in it. Vamp and J being in the match too makes this extra fun. Vampiro appeared to have hurt himself super early on! But it actually looked like it was good selling, perhaps?

Ping Pong balls come out first which wouldn’t do shit. Toy light sabres are introduced by La Rebelion. Vamp is definitely okay. You got me bro. The heels opened a big box and.. BALLOONS POPPED OUT. How cute, a nice trick from the clowns. This is close to being a disaster though if they aren’t smart about it.

La Rebelion selling shots of rubber chickens. Thats a sentence ive never said. Joe Galli says – “He’s choking him with the chicken” well done Joe. 

Violent J clotheslines Vampiro, J had done nothing at that point. And he was sent to the outside again. Jerry Other is a new manager for La Rebelion now too. The crowd chanted this is awesome which was baffling. This was a fun mess though.

I guess Jerry is a rip off of Jerry Only from Misfits? The Clowns of Mayhem pulled out a Pumpkin from a box. He cops mist to the eyes! A pumpkin to one of the clowns heads with a double knee, and a Smashing Pumpkins chant started.

Amazing. This is actually a fun PPV! Other gets piefaced, Bestia got a balloon pop to the face. Violent J has still done fuck all! Yabo opens a box and it had popcorn, this has to end soon. Mecha introduced tacs with the popcorn. “THUMBTACKS AND POPCORN TO THE MOUTH” Joe Galli exclaimed.

Vampiro shoved his partner and one of the clowns off the top rope and calls Violent J into the ring to actually do something. Where is Shaggy 2 Dope? Violent J hits a clunky falcon arrow to win the match!


The babyfaces win, I just have a feeling this isn’t over yet! 

NWA World Women’s Title Match

Kenzie Paige (c) vs. Ruthie Jay


Ruthie won a 3 way match to become #1 contender for the Women’s title a few weeks ago to get this shot.

The Match: 

Prediction – Kenzie and Kylie are signed to NXT in the next 3 years. Nice start with the back and forth pins with the ladies. Ruthie needs a system like the WWE Performance Center too. Ruthie had a lot of hope spots early, Kenzie got back in control with a flush slingblade.

This was back and forth and very good, Kenzie hit a sweet superkick. This does not have heat though! Ruthie hit one of her big moves and didn’t go for the pin. Ruthie missed her splash, Kenzie Cutter – it’s over like that!


Kenzie continues her title reign, Ruthie goes back to the middle I would say. Valiant effort though!

NWA World Tag Team Title Medieval Knights Of The Round Table Match

Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage & Damage) (c) vs. Knox And Murdoch (Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch)


This feud has been building since the Crockett Cup. Blunt Force Trauma became the Tag Team Champs since, and Aron Stevens has been on fire throughout! 

The Match:

I see Blunt Force Trauma retaining here. This is the first time since the last PPV they have had the 3 man Commentary team, and wow, sorry, but thank fuck Velvet Sky doesn’t kepp interrupting Joe and Tim here.

They brawl to the stage. If they go through a round table, they lose. They bring out normal tables, but IT MUST BE A ROUND ONE! Carnage goes through a table with a double chokeslam. Great selling afterward by Carnage. Trevor got powerbombed through another normal table. “That’s not round” chant when BFT bring in another rectangular table.

Carnage gets driven through the table. It’s not Square Kyle Davis it’s RECTANGULAR! Trevor Murdoch chokeslams Eric Smalls, the small person – through a tiny table. Rodney Mack is hit with a high low through another rectangular table. Hilarious.

A knight on the stage attacked Knox and Murdoch then stood still again. Knox gets double chokeslammed off the stage through a Round Table and Blunt Force Trauma retain!


I actually see this feud continuing with Trevor and Knox bringing Cornette in to corner them. Imagine that!

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title No Limits Match

EC3 (c) vs. Thom Latimer (w/Kamille)


Thom cashed in his TV Title after 7 title defences, and here’s his opportunity. 

The Match:

Thom and Kamille enter dressed like Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Fantastic. EC3 is dressed like THIS. IS. SPARTA.

They start off with a brawl and the crowd are a little quiet, I would have liked more physical interaction between the two on the build to this match. I am loving Kamille looking all menacing yet lady-like at ringside.

Good back and forth between the two, Kamille fucking lays EC3 out with a chair shot on his suicide dive, that was a SICK shot, that’s my homie right there. Kamille gets in the ring and unfolds the chair and sits on it and talks trash to EC3.

Thom goes to commentary and puts a headset on. Kamille spits in EC3’s face. Ethan gets Thom set up for a desperation German suplex, and he held on for multiple. Latimer and Kamille becoming the heels here as the match wore on! Lazy fight forever chant from a couple fans – dude, you don’t have to be so programmed. Stop it. That being said this was a great match.

Latimer piledrove EC3 on the outside! EC3 was then beat down with a chair. EC3 shoved Thom into Kamille. He didn’t know whether to check on his wife or go for Ethan, Matt Cardona went for a boot on Kamille and Thom saved Kamille and took the bullet. EC3 disposes of Cardona, and then hits the double underhook piledriver to retain.


Thom feuds with Cardona as we move forward! EC3 continues his reign. Love prevails, and so does EC3.

Thom cashed in his TV Title after 7 title defences, and here’s his opportunity. 

FInal Thoughts:
This was a great PPV, they made the right decision by a lot of the match results and they build up to being on national TV well with this one.

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