NWA Powerrr #133

It’s time for another edition of NWA Powerrr! It’s Episode 133 from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and we have a NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match, Pretty Empowered defend the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Titles, but first up, Colby Corino was to defend the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title!

November 14th, 2023

Skyway Studios

Nashville, Tennessee

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Colby Corino (c) vs. Mo Jabari


This is Colby’s 9th Title defence of the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship. I have never heard of Mo Jabari before! 

The Match:

Mo didn’t even get an entrance, which isn’t a big deal, and this is his NWA debut.

Colby is sure to retain here, but as expected I am sure this will be a good showing.

Mo apparently defeated Kerry Morton recently in Canada, which may explain his title shot here! I wonder if Colby will ever go to NXT?

Mo appears to be quite technically sound, this wasn’t a bad match between these two. Jabari needs to do something about his hair. It ain’t working bro, it looks messy.

I’m sorry did it seem like Mo Jabari got blown the hell up as we headed toward the end of the match? He seemed to really struggle during their pinning reversal sequence.

Anyway, Colby won with his DDT! Mo wouldn’t shake Colby’s hand after the match.


Colby has a successful 9th title defence. His opponent for the next big show still isn’t really clear at this stage! As for Mo, it was an okay first showing, although I don’t know if he was just selling, but he seemed blown up shortly into this one.

Winner: STILL NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Colby Corino in 4:43.

Tiffany Nieves Interview with Kyle Davis

Tiffany seems to be calling out Ruthie Jay, and will face her in 2 weeks. The interview wasn’t too bad, I am seeking a bit more confidence and attitude and the words to roll off the tongue better but that’s some nitpicking there from me.

Tiffany looks to have promise and we’ll see where she goes from here, but again, if she’s wrestling in 2 weeks time, I want to see her in civilian clothes, not her ring gear.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Title Match

Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kylie Paige) (c) vs. The King Bees (Charity King & Danni Bee)


The King Bees cut a promo last week about challenging Pretty Empowered for the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Titles this week, which is good because the ladies and the Women’s tag division need an influx of teams at the moment so that the division can be a little bit more competitive!

The Match:

Pretty Empowered are probably the strongest characters in the NWA at the moment. That is hard to deny.

Ella goes to shake Danni Bee’s hand to welcome her to the NWA and it was fairly obvious in a hilarious way that Ella was immediately go for a cheap shot, but Danni saw it coming.

Charity King came in and looked solid, but it kind of felt like Kylie Paige was having a bit of an off day with her bump and feed. Pretty Empowered took control and started their heat on Danni Bee.

Charity King was definitely the star of this match here. Kylie Paige is such a little brat, she helps Ella Envy retain by cheating and that was a fun finish.


They continue on their run and who knows where they go from here.

Pretty Empowered need some formiddable challengers soon, hopefully they can really start to beef up this Women’s Tag Team Division and give them something to really sink their teeth into.

Winner/s: STILL NWA Women’s World Tag Team Champions, Pretty Empowered in 5:28.

Aron Stevens and BFT Interview with May Valentine

Aron calls out CJ to a Turkey Gobbler Gobbler Match, this is an amazing idea. Essentially the loser has to dress up as a Turkey and Gobble, and there’s going to be no punches thrown, it will be a grappling match.

Who Wants To Be A Spectacular

They are auditioning people to become a 3rd member of the Spectaculars.

Mercurio is the first guy here and he doesn’t impress, but the part where he talked about sometimes having ugly girls he doesn’t know what to do with so that he could palm them off to Rolando and Rush, I laughed.

Burchill is next, and is confused about being there, GREAT comedic timing dude. This is actually great because it’s something different. The white boards with the scores they gave were SO BRIGHT on the screen.

I hope this goes on for a few weeks but I think it will all be on one show here. If that is Paul Burchill, I will be blown away that they managed to scoop him up as he hasn’t wrestled since 2018!

The NWA should have doubled down on the cocaine thing from Samhain by having a vignette of James Mitchell doing a Scarface style promo with a pile of blow in front of him.

I don’t really know what’s going on with the NWA and their supposed TV Deal, but it seems like it’s slipped through their fingers and if what I’m hearing is true, and wrestling fans literally contacted CW just to just to hurt the NWA by trying to get their TV Deal cancelled, then shame on them.

The spot wasn’t even that bad, it wasn’t real cocaine, it was a joke. James Mitchell is insane and as party host for NWA Samhain, it makes all the sense in the world that he would partake in some illicit substances, again, it’s not real.

Submission Match

Blake Troop (w/Chris Silvio Esq.) vs. Koa Laxamana (w/Kallies)


This all kind of heated up last week in a duo backstage promo, and Kallies cut off Koa being respected about the situation and threw him under the bus a little bit. Here is what Troop needed on his way to a match with Jax Dane, a featured singles match where he went over. 

The Match:

Troop dominates early, they go back and forth and make it look like a real grappling contest. Troop overpowers Koa and makes him tap to a figure four of all manouvers which is a submission I wasn’t expecting from a MMA type dude!


Troop gets the sorely needed win and focus we need for him.

Winner: Blake Troop in 3:53.

Kylie Paige Interview with May Valentine

May looks AMAZING. Kylie talks about facing a woman called Big Momma next week. Magic Inc. interrupt which is a tad confusing but that’s okay. Cody is fantastic. I dug that interruption.

Who Wants To Be A Spectacular – Part 2

Tyler Midas is next and he is the most plain person ever, who calls himself the Golden Touch.

I really hope this is on purpose because he’s clearly full of shit and bland as hell, which really tickles my funny bone.

Rolando saying Tyler’s got fire was great, because he doesn’t, he was just happy Tyler was blowing smoke up his tush. Making fun of his lack of chest hair, gold, no pun intended.

We’re upto our 4th contestant next. Billy said being a Spectacular takes a little je ne sais quoi and Rush responds, “Is that French?” “Italian” Billy said. It that was off the cuff, well done gentlemen.

KC Roxx is next and he totally flunks. Brilliant. We didn’t settle it unfortunately as Rolando and Rush couldn’t agree on either Midas or Burchill. 

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match

EC3 (c) vs. Talos


None, EC3 having a random title defence here, I believe his 3rd title defence and it’s pretty much a given he’s retaining.

The Match: 

This should be interesting. The story immediately is about the size difference between the two.

Talos dominates and keeps on posing and taunting which could be his downfall. HUGE avalanche in the corner by Talos, and the typical sidewalk slam from a big man followed.

EC3 finally fights back and Daisy Kill comes out and gets involved, but Jax Dane comes out and just killed Daisy with a clothesline! EC3 closes in on Talos and he his the 1%er for the win!


Jax Dane makes sure EC3 is still World Champion, and healthy for their showdown for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in the next few weeks.

Winner: STILL NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, EC3 in 6:56.

Final Thoughts:

Another enjoyable NWA Powerrr, I loved the implementation of the search for a new Spectacular, some people got some sorely needed spotlight, May Valentine looked like only she does – this was fun.

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