NWA Powerrr #132 It’s Time to Give Thanks

November 7th, 2023

Skyway Studios

Nashville, Tennessee

Story time with Joe Galli once again opens the show, and it was pretty good in bringing us upto speed on Kenzie Paige’s title reign so far as NWA World Women’s Champion and Blunt Force Trauma, along with Aron Stevens, and their dominance at NWA Samhain when they retained the NWA World Tag Team Championship.

NWA Powerrr 132

Tag Team Match

The Heatseekers (Elliot Russell & Sigmon) vs. The Southern 6 (Alex Taylor & Kerry Morton)


The Southern 6 came off NWA Samhein with a win over the Headbangers, which was really exciting to see.

The Heatseekers are former 4 time NWA World Tag Team Champions, and are back here in the NWA.

The Match:

Sigmon appears to be pretty technically sound! This is a foregone conclusion though, you know the Southern 6 are winning this. He is he perfect example of ‘it’s a shame he’s so short’, he’s got Dean Malenko vibes.

The Southern 6 get heat on Sigmon,  till the big man Elliot Russell makes the hot tag. Some cool stuff from Russell including a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Taylor, but eventually Taylor and Morton overwhelm the Heatseekers and pick up the win.


I have no idea where they’re headed from here but I wouldn’t be surprised if they work with The Immortals or something like that soon. That might spice up the U.S Tag Title Scene.

Winner/s: The Southern 6 (Alex Taylor & Kerry Morton) in 6:04.

The Southern 6 Interview with Kyle Davis

There’s a lot of ‘daddy’s being thrown around during this promo. That was entertaining but I question it being placed after the first match because suddenly Kerry and Alex now had shirts and sunglasses on and didn’t look like they had just had a physical wrestling match.

NWA World Women’s Television Title Match

Max The Impaler (w/Father James Mitchell) (c) vs. Missa Kate


Max The Impaler did not defend the NWA Women’s Television Championship at NWA Samhain, so it was overdue here.

Missa Kate gains this title opportunity perhaps due to some wins on the Indy scene? Is that a stretch? She’s beaten Leslie Michelle, Lili La Pescadita and Rachel Armstrong recently. This is Max’s 4th title defence since winning the NWA Women’s Television Title at NWA 75.

The Match:

This is what you would expect. Missa went at it as hard as she could, she got a bit of shine with a big kick to Max’s face, some evasions, a chop block, a running knee strike, she went for a kick filet, but cops Max’s insanely stiff and snug clothesline for the win, and Max retain’s the title. 


Missa has lost the Tag Titles, doesn’t appear too often with Madi, and has now put over Samantha Star and Max The Impaler. I say we get M95 back out there working some Tags. Max The Impaler with another title defence, it won’t be long till Max gets those 7 defences and Kenzie could be in trouble!

Winner: STILL NWA Women’s Television Champion, Max The Impaler in 2:17.

King Bee’s Interview with May Valentine

An introduction to the new team coming in to challenge Pretty Empowered who are very much in need of more challengers. 

EC3 Interview with Kyle Davis

Jax Dane is revealed to be EC3’s next big time challenger for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Jax says that EC3 may think he’s the Over-Man, but his title reign is over, man. The fans react like B-Rabbit on 8 Mile with a slam during a rap diss. Solid retort from EC3. I am interested in the matchup already!

Non Title Tag Team Match

Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage & Damage) (w/Aron Stevens) vs. Magic Inc. (Cody James & Jake Dumas) (w/CJ)


I would say Magic Inc. got this match for their big wins over La Rebelion on NWA Powerrr #126, and another win on NWA Powerrr #131 over Jeremiah Plunkett and Mario Pardua. If they win, surely a shot is up for grabs. 

The Match:

Blunt Force Trauma jumped Magic Inc. to start the match. They lay a ruckus on Magic Inc. early on, Carnage and Damage really worked well together with the physicality, CJ got involved which gained the chance for Cody James to get tagged in, and Magic Inc. made quick Tags and stayed in control.

Carnage really has shown me a lot in the last few months as a big man, he’s got a solid drop kick on him. Aron Stevens nails Cody with the loaded glove after distracting the referee by throwing the other glove in the ring. CJ low blowed Aron Stevens as they went to double chokeslam Cody, the sell job from Aron was hilarious.


I am not sure where they’re going from there with the low blow from CJ, if this is going to lead to further interaction with her and Aron, but that was fun. BFT get over here, and Aron Stevens continues to make everybody away that his loaded glove is a game changer in any match. 

Winner/s: Blunt Force Trauma in 4:30.

Chris Silvio/Blake Troop/Koa/Kallies Interview with May Valentine

I feel for Chris Silvio, he cuts promos with such conviction like he’s got this master plan and he’s really on top of it but not once have I seen his character really do what he says he’s going to do. They hype up their match for next week, Koa tries to be humble about the opportunity and his lady, Kallies, mouths off!

Pretty Empowered Interview with Kyle Davis

The ladies talk about their title defence next week against the King Bee’s. Ella is all happy when she introduces herself and as she was about to say her name the fans had started booing. So her cute happy voice slowly became annoyed.

They now have security with them. I understand that they’re doing a taping, but I think if there’s an interview week 1, and week 2 is when their match takes place, I think it’s imperative that they wear street clothes. They’re talking about next week, yet they are dressed in their gear.

Non Title Match

Kenzie Paige vs. Taylor Rising


Taylor Rising and Natalia Markova recently lost their opportunity at the NWA Womens World Tag Titles at NWA Samhain against Kenzie’s partners in Pretty Empowered, Kylie Paige and Ella Envy. This is a Non-Title match. Kenzie is set to face Samantha Starr in the future to defend the title.

The Match:

Kenzie dominated early, but she applied the Kamille-technique, of make your opponent look like a legitimate threat with some nice moves and near falls, so that when Kenzie wins, she looks even better by being able to weather the storm. This my have been the best I had seen of Taylor Rising so far.

Kenzie took control but I kind of felt like she wasn’t trying to get the win. I know some would consider that being ‘cocky’ or ‘toying with her opponent’, but she never seemed to go for a pin attempt when she had Taylor down.

Taylor fought back again, you could feel there was some slight timing issues between the two of them, but that’s with a nitpicking critical eye from yours truly! I think Taylor might need a bit more work despite the compliment I gave her earlier. Work on that 619, and get more confident at copping kicks to the head and not pre-emptively bumping!

Kenzie hit the Kenzie-Cutter for the win. Natalia Markova made the save for Taylor after Kenzie tried to attack her.


Kenzie faces Samantha Starr on November 18th.

Winner: Kenzie Paige in 7:57.

Final Thoughts:

Action packed edition of NWA Powerrr! New angles were kicked off, champions were continued to be established, and the matches were decent, and didn’t overstay their welcome. That’s why I enjoy NWA, because it doesn’t go on forever! 

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