NWA Powerrr #130 – Musical Chairs

October 17th, 2023

Skyway Studios

Nashville, Tennessee

We start the show with EC3 cutting a promo about Thom Latimer, who challenges him at NWA Samhein on October 28th. EC3 talks about wanting to be the greatest NWA World Heavyweight Champion of all time and he can only accomplish that taking on the best, and Thom is only at his best when he’s in a dark place. I dug this promo. EC3 has grown on me the last few weeks, as I have said before, there were times where I found his plight confusing, and difficult to get into his in ring performances, but I think this ‘shades of grey’ babyface has started to work for me, brother. 

No story time with Joe Galli to begin this show, but that is fine!

Pick Your Poison Match

Mecha Wolf (w/Vampiro) vs. Yabo The Clown (w/Violent J)


These 2 teams, along with their Managers and former friends, Violent J and Vampiro have been at eachothes throats since around NWA 75, they are set to battle at NWA Samhein, and the winner of this match gets to pick the stipulation for the match at the Hardcore Themed PPV.

The Match:

Mecha Wolf comes out of the gate hot, with legitmacy in his strikes, looking like he’s in his prime and at his absolute best. Vampiro gets involved when the referees back is turned, and VIolent J interrupts him and they bicker back and forth. I am down with that showdown, I want to see a 6 Man Tag to be honest. Spot of the match was Mecha holding Yabo’s foot in the air and instead of an enziguri, he sprays water from the flower on his vest into Mecha’s eyes, which got a great reaction. It’s really good to the character that they implement these things considering they are clowns. By the way, Violent J is looking dope in his Managerial Jacket. Mecha gets a 2 count on Vampiro’s Nail In the Coffin. Vampiro gets on the apron after the ‘Eat Defeat’ from Yabo, Violent J pulls him off the apron, Bestia 666 gets involved as the referees back is turned, Yabo pops a balloon in Mecha’s face and beats him with an inside cradle, that is a hilarious finish! 


The Clowns of Mayhem will now get to select the stipulation for their Tag Team match at the Hardcore themed NWA Samhein on October 28th against La Rebelion. 

Queen Kamille cuts a promo with that wonderful southern drawl of hers, and responds to EC3 about being a demon, and also an angel. I really want Thom to win the World Title at Samhein but I find that hard to believe this early on in EC3’s reign.

EC3 interview with Sam Laterna

EC3 mentions that Jordan Clearwater is now his protege, and follows up on his issues with Kamille and Thom Latimer. Just adding more layers to the story, I just wish we could also add some in-person style angles and vignettes to this feud as opposed to just interviews.

Singles Match

Thom Latimer (w/Kamille) vs. Koa Laxamana (w/Kallies)


Koa Laxamana gets given a big opportunity to face #1 Contender Thom Latimer here after what’s happened with Koa and the Southern 6 in recent weeks. Thom to gets another decisive win here, I assume.

The Match: 

Koa gets a short shine early on but Latimer gets in the zone with multiple gutwrench suplex’s. Koa attempted a spear, and got caught and launched with a release suplex! Everything Koa goes for, Thom had an answer for. Koa hit a very juvenile looking frogsplash like a little kid jumping into a swimming pool, and Thom kicked out before 1. Koa copped an awesome powerbomb off the top rope, Kamille then speared the living hell out of Kallies who got in the ring which made me burst into laughter. Pop up powerbomb from Latimer, and he wins with ease.


Thom looks strong going into NWA Samhein on October 28th. Kamille getting involved sells what kind of effect she could have at the PPV.

Father James Mitchell interview with Sam Laterna

There’s a Hardcore Tag Team war at Samhein, as Judais and Max the Impaler will face Gaagz and Sal the Pal, and they can have as many partners as they want. If they win, Sal and Gaagz have to sign their careers over to Mitchell.

Ruthie Jay Interview with Kyle Davis

Ruthie Jay is facing NWA World Women’s Champ Kenzie Paige at NWA Samhein, I think she needs to work on her character, or the NWA needs to work on doing character pieces on their talent. I don’t know a thing about Ruthie Jay. I think it would be a smart idea to start doing these types of things so I can get to know somebody like Mims, Ruthie, Dak Draper, Thrillbilly, Alex Taylor, etc.

Sal The Pal and Gaagz Interview with Sam Laterna

Sal brings some very well spoken dialogue, they decline James Mitchells challenge, and his supplements make him normal, before they wear off near the end of the day.

NWA World Women’s Television Title Match

Max The Impaler (w/Father James Mitchell) (c) vs. MJ Jenkins


This is Max The Impaler’s 3rd title defence since becoming Women’s Television Champion, and she takes on another character I’d love to see a character piece about, MJ Jenkins, who clearly looks interesting, but 90 seconds of getting to know her would help tenfold.

The Match: 

The usual 6:05 time limit is in place, which makes so much sense on a 45 minute show! Max leveled MJ early on and it’s clear that this match was a foregone conclusion. That is welcome on a show like NWA Powerrr, because that’s what this show is designed for. It’s what TV was designed for – the advertisement for the Pay Per View. Mainstream pro wrestling has forgotten this. Max has legitimacy – Max is snug, Max has become a solid heel worker. Imagine we got somebody like Savannah Evans or Jessicka step up to Max at some point? Can we get more talent trades with Impact and NWA? If Max comes into Impact to put over somebody, surely the favor should be repaid? MJ fought back with gusto, a minute was remaining in the match, before Max destroys her with a mid air clothesline as MJ came off the top rope. If Max gets to 7 defences, I feel Kenzie is in trouble!


Max retains, Max continues on with their title reign, MJ goes back to the drawing board, let’s get some vignettes going! Who is she? Where is she from? What makes her tick.

Southern Six Interview with Sam Laterna

Thrillbilly says Austin Idol is gone? Hell of a promo, I dig Thrillbillys style. Imagine Jim Cornette came back in to flank these guys, or Thrillbilly himself. It’s been enough time! I laughed at Kerry saying ‘We run this bitch!’. Alex with the Molly Hatchet reference definitely popped me. 

Pretty Empowered Interview with Kyle Davis

What happened to the Roxy, the 4th member of the team? Ella Envy goes in rough on Kyle Davis. They’re sassy little ladies aren’t they? I’m here for it. They have all the gold. They are the best heels in the company let’s be honest. They build their ongoing stories with Ruthie and Markova/Taylor Rising.

NWA National Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Match

Chris Adonis vs. Zyon


Zyon without Austin Idol seems like he’s now lost in the shuffle, will we ever get a conclusion to the Cyon story? Can somebody explain why Austin is suddenly gone? Joe says Austin has been banned from the building. Adonis is clearly facing Thrillbilly at Samhein. At least this match does feature two guys who have some wins under their belt to make them look viable for a title shot.

The Match:

Adonis dominates early. I expect a Southern 6 interference, with Adonis overcoming them all. We would have to wait and see! Zyon got the advantage, but again, I am confused by the spot he’s in right now. Masterlock on Zyon, who apparently hasn’t lost yet. Zyon got to the ropes and hung Adonis on the top rope. Zyon has some solid European Uppercuts. Adonis made the comeback, hit the backbreaker, softening Zyon up. Spine on the pine by Adonis. Zyon fights out of the Masterlock and hit a big knee for a near fall. Zyon gets DQ’d which is a shame for a finish, Zyon is upset at being DQ’d but he did it on purpose, idiot. Adonis gets the win but I would have preferred a decisive one. We go off the air!


Chris Adonis books his showdown with Thrillbilly Silas Mason at NWA Samhein on October 28th, and Zyon’s future is unclear! Was hopeful for some interaction with Adonis and the Southern 6 here but perhaps we will get that next week.

Overall thoughts:

Great little show with a lot of solid build toward the PPV, they covered a lot of bases and it goes to show again NWA are on fire at the moment with their TV product and I am so glad to hear of their TV Deal, I hope they continue to rise in Pro Wrestling!

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