NWA Powerrr #129 – When TV Stars Align

October 10th, 2023

Skyway Studios

Nashville, Tennessee

Storytime with Joe Galli begins the show again as he talks about the NWA Television Title, and he gives a backing story to Mims and Zicky Dice who will battle on this show to crown the next NWA World Television Champion, as the title is now vacant thanks to Thom Latimer cashing the belt in after 7 title defences to challenge for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at NWA Samhein on October 28th.

NWA World Television Title Match

Zicky Dice vs. Mims


Both won their legs of a short tournament over the past few weeks to find themselves with this opportunity.

The Match:

Surprised this isn’t the Main Event! Zicky dominated early, I’m hoping for Mims to get a win here, it’s time for him to move up the card. I think Zicky has great personality and is a great talker, but I am not sold on the whole package yet, perhaps that’ll come in time. Joe Galli mentions this is Mims’ 5th chance at being TV Champ. Was Magnum Muscle silently split up?

Dice was large and in charge for most of the first half of this match, all designed for that sympathy to get behind Mims firing up with the fans support. Dice tries to use the tights on a roll up pin and gets caught by the referee, and Mims rolls him up and wins the NWA Television Championship!


For the life of me I have no idea, I assume a rematch at NWA Samhein or at least a title defence from Mims.

Winner, NEW NWA World Television Champion – Mims.

EC3 Interview with Sam Laterna

Sam Laterna, great top, I dug the pattern. EC3 talks about his past with Thom, and why he isn’t on top of this business. EC3 mentions that Thoms demons aren’t anything compared to the biggest demon, the person he shares a bed win. Clear mind games here. 

Tag Team Match

The Spectaculars (Rolando Freeman & Rush Freeman) vs. The Southern 6 (Kerry Morton & Alex Taylor)


A cold match here which I guess will lead to angles for both teams that don’t include one another to take place.

The Match:

Rolando weathers the storm from Kerry well early, it was hard to see the Southern 6 losing this one. I tell you what, seeing Ricky Morton on the outside as a heel is a sight I didn’t think I’d ever see. The Southern 6 get some heat in on Rush Freeman as things settle for the heels.

Kerry Morton has really come into his own since becoming a heel. Alex Taylor cleanly wiped out Rush with the Green Whistle and that was a surprisingly easy win! Rolando is extremely upset with Rush following the conclusion of the match.


The Southern 6 continue their ascension in the NWA, and the Freemans story of frustration continues.

Chris Silvio/Blake Troop/Chris Silvio Esq. Summit with Kyle Davis

I didn’t like the angle last week, here’s hoping they improved on it here. Chris says Jax is no longer in SVGS, and he was there for him when his father was sick, and he can’t believe how much of a coward he was at NWA 75. He again gets mad at him for not ending Tim Storms career, therefore he showed weakness.

This all seems a little dramatic for how this all kicked off, a Submission match between Jax Dane and Blake Troop was then challenged for NWA Samhein by Chris Silvio. Jax retorts and mentions every single NWA title he’s won, and it’s an impressive list of accolades. Jax spoke super well here. His promo there really made me more into this. Blake’s retort was okay, and Jax doesn’t sell it. 

Vampiro interview with Sam Laterna

This was good and came across real. He cut a good promo for somebody that apparently suffers from Alzheimers. Sorry, I had to say it. I don’t know why he would say something like that on his documentary a few years ago when he’s still been in the ring and involved in wrestling now. Good promo though about not wanting NWA to push his buttons.

Singles Match

Sal The Pal vs. Judais


These two used to be in a stable together ‘The Miserable Faithful’ lead by James Mitchell, but they split some time ago from memory and they have a showdown here on Powerrr which I assume is to get Judais over.

The Match:

Judias dominates from the onset, showing his brute strength and size advantage. Judais continues to hit some suplexs without going down with the bump and just slamming Sal hard onto the canvas. Sal copped a kick to the face and spat into the air perfectly to sell it like he lost a tooth.

Judais goes from the chokeslam, and Sal bites his hand! Sal went for the knee and fought back with gusto before copping a chokeslam on the ring apron. This felt like it went on too long considering the dominance Judais displayed without goin for a pin attempt. Gaggz the Gimp who also used to be in the Miserably Faithful ran in to save Sal and the match is DQ’d, as Gaggz hits an acid drop on Judais. Not sure about all that!


I guess a Handicap match is in order at NWA Samhein!

Rolando Freeman Interview with Sam Laterna

This promo is about Rush Freeman, his brother. Rolando wants to dump his brother, and wants what Brady Pierce has. Rolando is going to be Special Guest Referee for Rush Freeman and Brady at NWA Samhein on October 28 in a Loser Leaves Town Match.

Chris Adonis Interview with Kyle Davis

Kyle asks what’s coming next for Adonis. A feud longer than a less than 1 week build would be good. Adonis challenges Thrillbilly at Samhein for the National Championship. There answers that question about that title’s main scene!

NWA United States Tag Team Championships

Talos & Daisy Kill (c) Vs The Country Gentlemen (AJ Cazaba & CJ Cazana)


The Country Gentlemen are the former NWA US Tag Team Champions, but AJ Cazana’s partner bailed on their act, which has lead to AJ trying to find a replacement and has gone with his little brother. The Country Gentlemen dominate early as they cut off the ring. Talos finally gets involved to cut off AJ, and start some semblance of heat.

Talos is a big dude, and I think he would be more marketable if he came up with a gimmick that stood out more and highlighted the nuances of a giant wrestler. Casey comes in like a house of fire, and shows a lot of promise for a debutante.

Talos trips AJ up who was going off the ropes, and CJ gets a MASSIVE chokeslam from Talos and he and Daisy Kill retain. The Immortals show up for a big showdown with the US Tag Team Champs. Wait, a match is taking place for the titles now!

NWA United States Tag Team Championships

Daisy Kill & Talos (c) Vs The Immortals

What do you think.

The Match:

The Immortals dominate early, and the man that accepted the challenge, Talos, tagged into Daisy’s relief. Talos is knocks to the outside as Daisy copped a wheelbarrow suplex. Daisy Kill and Talos get themselves counted out and the show ends with the US Tag Champs leaving as the Immortals are in the ring, pumped up about probably challenging for the titles again on October 28th. 


Immortals are the next challengers in line against Talos and Daisy Kill, and no word on where this leaves the New Country Gentlemen.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the episode very much, there was a lot of drama, a lot of midcard angles taking shape and the new era of the NWA seems to be going good guns!

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