NWA Powerrr #128 – Keep Your Enemies Close, October 4 (2023)

Skyway Studios

Nashville, Tennesse.

Storytime with commentator Joe Galli once again opens NWA Powerrr and it’s another beautiful package put together to bring you up to speed on some of the many stories being told by the National Wrestling Alliance. It feels like they are really picking up on the storytelling and ensuring more than 5 people have a direction and more importantly, letting the viewer know about those stories.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Match

Natalia Markova & Taylor Rising vs. M95 (Madi & Missa Kate)


M95 are the former NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions who dropped the belts back to Pretty Empowered at the last PPV NWA 75. They are looking for a return bout with the champions, but have to get through the new Tag Team of Natalia Markova and Taylor Rising, who are getting a big opportunity in their first match as a team.

The Match:

Coming up first is this #1 Contenders match with the former champs M95 against the new team of Natalia Markova and Taylor Rising. I guess the division is so slim the new team is able to get into contention quickly. It might have been cool to have them pick up a quick win prior to this over a team like The Hex or The Hollywood Blondes of Heather Monroe and Ray Lyn. Natalia has really improved a ton over the last 18 months, she’s become very confident in her movement. Taylor seems to have become super confident which was evident in this match, in comparison to the 2 previous matches I’ve seen of hers. Madi has learned from Jazz well, she’s fairly snug and certainly knows how to lock in a headlock. I really hope M95 don’t slowly get phased out, I really dig their team! Double crossbody, double down with Taylor and Missa, and Natalia got the hot tag. Jazz stinger from Natalia got a very near fall on Madi. I had a feeling the whole time the new team would win this, Natalia locked in the Crush Clutch and Madi tapped out.


Natalia and Taylor will get the shot at NWA Samhein on October 28th in Cleveland, Ohio. Where this leaves M95, who knows! I keep feeling like Madi Wrenkowski is NXT bound any moment now.

Winner/s: Natalia Markova & Taylor Rising in

Chris Silvio/Blake Troop Interview with Sam Laterna

Chris Silvio runs down Jax Dane, the man he used to Manage – and they will be doing battle later.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Colby Corino (c) vs. Matt Vine


Matt Vine has become a contender after working his way into an opportunity, and this is what I believe to be Colby Corino’s second title defence since winning the Junior Heavyweight Championship at NWA 75.

The Match:
Colby has now fired his manager Jamie Stanley. To be honest, Matt Vine looks like he’s possibly too heavy to be a Junior Heavyweight. Joe Galli did say that he only just made the weight limit but this is like saying Chris Jericho was a Cruiserweight in WCW or Scott Putski was a Light Heavyweight in the WWF. Matt hit a nice running suplex in this one. It would be good to get to know some of these random guys in the NWA and what their characters are all about. This is however, a foregone conclusion. Colby got a near fall with a stomp off the top rope, but Matt Vine countered that by hitting a SWEET spinebuster in mid air. Eventually, Colby hits his DDT for the victory.


Not much to say here, Colby retains and hopefully the Junior Heavyweight Title picture starts to become clearer as we head toward NWA Samhein.

Natalia Markova/Taylor Rising Interview with Sam Laterna

They are stoked to be a Tag Team and happy to be facing Pretty Empowered for the NWA World Womens Tag Titles at NWA Samhein. Not much to this interview, stock.

Aron Stevens Interview with Kyle Davis

He’s so smug, and I’m here for it. Aaron never ceases to make me laugh, making sure people can see his face by getting Kyle to lower the mic, one guy in the crowd said one thing and he snaps and yelled “SHUTUP.” Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox show up and interrupt and ask for another shot at the NWA World Tag Team Titles. They’re going to battle in a Medievil Knights of the Round Table Tables Match at NWA Samhein. I am sure we will find out what that is soon. I think the tables are going to be round.

Kamille/Thom Latimer Interview with Sam Laterna

Thom cuts a decent interview here, he talks about EC3 as Champion, cashing in his TV Title to get a shot, and he says his wife Kamille is his Insurance Policy. Kamille isn’t focused on wrestling at Samhein, and is going to be focusing on Thom Latimer’s title match. I really hope Thom wins but I just don’t see him toppling EC3 this early into his reign.

Singles Match

Chris Silvio Esq. vs. Jax Dane


Chris Silvio Esq. was Jax Dane’s manager in the team SVGS with Blake Troop for some time. At NWA 75, Jax refused to end the career of his foe Tim Storm, to the anger and disgust of his demanding Manager. This led to their split, and lead to this match on Powerrr! This is apparently Chris Silvio’s first match in the NWA.

The Match:

Chris looks to be in pretty decent shape, but Jax Dane is taller and wider. Surely, he’s going to tear Chris apart in this one! The fans chant “You skipped leg day” at Chris, and it’s actually pretty obvious. Jax doesn’t even move. Chris ends up grabbing a chair, and taunts Jax over not getting the job done at NWA 75. This segment feels a little out of place. Chris lays down and says for Jax to finish him, and to take his shot. He calls him weak and Jax clotheslines the hell out of him. He locks in Trap City and wins pretty quickly.


Jax Dane will face Silvio’s client, Jax’s former Tag Team partner Blake Troop at NWA Samhein. I think this angle between Jax and his former allies needs something big to happen, to make it a little more interesting.

Joe Cazana and AJ Cazana Interview with Sam Laterna

They talk about AJ being deserted by his former Tag Team Partner in the Country Gentlemen, and he’s going to try to find a new partner to challenge Talos and Daisy Kill for the U.S Tag Team Titles soon.

Mims and Zicky Dice Interview with Kyle Davis

These two are battling at NWA Samhein to crown a brand new NWA Television Champion. I am concerned this match between these two at Samhein won’t have any heat. I’m glad Mims fired up toward the end of his piece. Zicky fires up a bit too, and they made me care, and I am now eating my words. Well done dudes. This should be interesting as the weeks lead on.

NWA National Heavyweight Title Match

Silas Mason (c) vs. Dak Draper


This is Thrillbillys second title defence since winning the NWA National Title at NWA 75. I am not sure how Dak is getting a title shot as he hasn’t won in singles action since August 2022 and has primarily been in a Tag Team with Mims.

The Match:

This is our Main Event. It’s good they’re putting a bit of spotlight on Thrillbilly here, even though this match too, is a foregone conclusion. This was all a vehicle just to give Thrillbilly a title defence and momentum heading to NWA Samhein. Dak put up a fight but the Thrillride got Silas Mason over the line and the Southern 6 celebrate as we go off the air.


Not sure what’s coming next for Silas Mason or Dak Draper! Hopefully the National Title picture will become clear soon.

Last week was such a great show, it was always going to be tough to beat. I guess some weeks they have a lot of story and drama, then there’s weeks where they need to get some people on TV to get them some wins heading to the PPV. NWA Samhein should be good!

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