NWA Powerrr #127 – The G Gets The Love Results

Septmeber 26th, 2023
Skyway Studios
Nashville, Tennessee

This show is in tribute to the recently passed Bart Sawyer who had been a solid worker in the business since 1988, working through many territories and was known to have been The Rock’s tag team partner in USWA when Rock was known as ‘Flex Cavana’ and they were the USWA Tag Team Champions. We get the usual Joe Galli opening narration and video package, as Joe talks about the Tag Title scene, as the current NWA World Tag Team Champions, along with Aron Stevens, defend the titles against the last time that defeated them at the Crockett Cup this year, Mike Knox and Trevor Murder on this edition of NWA Powerrr, which I am fairly excited for!

NWA World Television Title Tournament Qualifying Four Way Match

Chris Adonis vs. Jordan Clearwater vs. Mims vs. Blake Troop

Adonis powders to the outside as it begins, fixing his hair. Troop shows his dominance early. Mims with an airplane spin that goes on forever as Jordan nails Blake and tries to get Mims to team up with him, which is when The Masterpiece comes in and hits them with a double clothesline. Spine on the pine by Adonis on Clearwater, surely Adonis is set to win this one, he should be the next NWA Television Champion! Masterlock locked in on Blake Troop, but Mims interrupts, Mims nailed Blake Troop and Mims picks up the win! Adonis and Clearwater brawl on the outside as Adonis is upset about losing this one.

Mike Knox/Trevor Murdoch Interview with Kyle Davis

They’re adamant about becoming Tag Champions and fulfilling their destiny, Kyle Davis suggests they need a manager to even the odds against Stevens and Blunt Force Trauma, which Knox knocks back.

Singles Match

Kamille vs. Madi

It looks like we’re omitting entrances this week with 5 big matches. This is Kamille’s first match since losing the NWA World Women’s Championship. Madi gets herself over with her characters attitude, she’s so good at looking like a little brat. Kamille had enough at the showboating and started to take control. Kamille out of the gates here looked really good and in fine form. I am sure after all these rounds of releases from WWE, that Kamille and Madi will be NXT Bound. We got a bit of heat on Madi but Kamille as a character and athlete just looks too overwhelming for Madi. Madi with a rollup, and had her feet on the ropes and it was caughty by the referee. Kamille hit a HUGE spear on Madi after avoiding the Axe Kick, and The Brickhouse picks up the win.

NWA United States Tag Team Title Match

Daisy Kill & Talos (c) vs. The Brothers Of Funstruction (Ruffo The Clown & Yabo The Clown) (w/Violent J)

We get some entrances this til with the Brothers of Funstruction with Violent J, with new theme music it seemed, a new rap by Violent J. I would have been very surprised if there as a title change here. Let’s be honest though, Daisy Kill and Talos haven’t had the chance to have a real run here, but the Clowns are in the middle of a real angle that would be helped by having titles involved with La Rebelion and Vampiro. An angle involved with these titles is what makes them important and interesting. Nothing against the Country Gentlemen but it didn’t feel like they ever had an angle, which made the U.S Tag Titles feel lik they didn’t mean as much.

I really think The Brothers of Mayhem or The Clowns of Mayhem would be a better name than the Brothers of Funstruction. Okay, I’ll get over it soon I promise. I love that one of the clowns was trying to blow up a balloon in the middle of the match and Talos just grabbed him by the throat, ridiculous. La Rebelion and Vampiro interfere and it’s tit for tat like last week when La Rebelion were cost the win again Magic Inc. This is simple, fun storytelling, and it makes me feel like William Patrick Corgan is getting help writing this show from somebody in a position similar to what Dave Lagana was in before he got cancelled. They brawl after the match and it slowly becomes a confrontation with Vamp and Violent J, but we cut away, it’s time for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title to be defended!

Brady Pierce Interview with Sam Laterna

I love Sam Laterna’s red leather jacket, she looks awesome. I was really impressed with her work on commentary for Sukeban’s debut show the other day. This lady has a GREAT amount of knowledge about pro wrestling. Brady talks about the Freeman’s and wanting Rolando to turn heel on his brother and side with him! This is great, we get little threads of each story being told every week, as we build to NWA Samheim on October 28th.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match

EC3 (c) vs. Jay Bradley

This is definitely a foregone conclusion, but EC3 needs to start defending this title and making this reign means something with some defences. Also, I dig EC3’s new hair style. I think the bald look wasn’t working for him, brother. Ethan Carter was looking as per usual, in tremendous shape. This opportunity for Jay Bradley is big, he probably needs a spot like this to show he can make the NWA World Champion look good. Jay hit a bit of an awkward mis timed side belly to belly at one stage, which was a shame because he had been doing quite well up to that point. Jay took a lot of time for his heat in this one, all designed to get EC3 decisively in that babyface spot, as it felt like it wasn’t clear in the last few weeks what his disposition is. 

EC3 locked in the purpose after his final comeback and he made Jay tap out. This has been a show that has had a lot more important matches than usual.

Natalia Markova and Taylor Rising Interview with Sam Laterna

Wooooo, Natalia looked quite ravishing here didn’t she? They have started a new tag team and will be facing Madi and Missa Kate, M95 – next week on NWA Powerrr. Good decision, we need to get Natalia away from the Main Event scene for a while.

Pollo Del Mar Interview with Sam Laterna

Pollo talks about the heartbreak on her split with “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason. Oh no. No. They had somebody interrupt the interview and it’s Joe Alonzo. Don’t do this NWA! Everybody else does this all the time. It is a lazy way of building an angle. Joe’s plight about Silas seems a little out of left field considering Joe has nothing to do with Silas and his group. This was a tad random, but I am sure it is headed somewhere.

NWA World Tag Team Title Match

Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage & Damage) (w/Aron Stevens) (c) vs. Knox And Murdoch (Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch)

It’s time for our Main Event, and the NWA World Tag Team Titles are on the line. It starts off like we should have expected, a wild brawl takes place and it’s on for young and old. Carnage sold really well here, he took a huge Sky High from Trevor Murdoch, as Knox and Murdoch worked like a well oiled machine. I do not expect a title change here. I expect this to continue on to NWA Samheim on October 28th, hopefully in some kind of stipulated No Holds Barred match. Carnage hit an impessive dropkick for a big boy. Damage, which as we know is the former Rodney Mack, tagged in – and they made quick tags to keep the ring cut off, and to keep the advantage and heat on Murdoch.

Trevor fought back, as Aron Stevens got involved and threw a chair into the ring, distracted referee Kevin Keenan. Keenan catches Knox with the chair and disqualifies Trevor and Knox! Blunt Force Trauma retained and Knox is absolutely FURIOUS, which is tremendous viewing. We go off the air with the ‘Sultan of Swag’ Aron Stevens happy with his handy work!

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