NWA Powerrr #126: The Dark Carnival Results

19th of September, 2023
Skyway Studios
Nashville, Tennessee


Joe Galli opens the show with another one of these great show intros as he talks about Vampiro and La Rebelion feuding with Violent J and the Brothers of Funstruction. I love these, they really bring you up to speed on what’s going on with the NWA.

NWA World Women’s Title

#1 Contendership Triple Threat Match

Natalia Markova vs. Missa Kate vs. Ruthie Jay

I assume Natalia wins this one here, as Ruthie and Missa Kate haven’t seemed to be anywhere near the world title scene. Jesus, Markova is put together perfectly isn’t she? Missa and Ruthie working together early. Disappointed in thinking maybe M95 are now broken up after seeing that Madi Wrenkowski did a WWE tryout this week. Ruthie with some great arms drags, the kick filet from Missa, kick out from Ruthie. They try to keep the main threat, Natalia, on the outside. Missa gets a few near falls, and really impresses with some of her strikes. Tower of Doom spot, I thought that was it when Natalia went for the pin on Missa and I would have accepted that as the finish. Missa and Natalia trade off some strikes. Wow! Ruthie Jay won with the frogsplash on Missa! That was unexpected. She challenges Kenzie Paige at NWA Samhein in Cleveland on October 28th. Lots of time to tell a story before then.

Jamie Stanley and EC3 interview with Sam Laterna

Jamie a little bit shaky on the promo skills here. Ended the promo strong, and Sam buries him, which is great stuff as he walks off putting on his shades. EC3 makes fun of Jamie wearing sunglasses indoors. EC3 says he will essentially be a fighting champion and will defend it anywhere. He will defend next week against one half of the Fixxers. 

Tyrus’ retirement speech from NWA 75 is played again. I feel bad for him man, he can’t help being a big boy. Not everybody is Mark Henry or Mabel.

Singles Match

Zyon vs. Boz

I wonder what the deal is with Cyon and this whole thing with Austin Idol turning on him for who appears to be another son of his. This match is clearly designed to get a win for Zyon, this is Boz’s debut. He looks like a jacked Kyle Davis. Zyon takes a lot of the match with his heat. Zyon with a spike spinning neckbreaker, Z-Clutch is in, and Zyon gets the predictable win.

Violent J interview with Sam Laterna

He’s got the gift of the gab clearly, and this was fun. What an under rated promo is Violent J. He sold this feud with Vampiro and La Rebelion very well.

Madi and Mimms interview with Sam Laterna

Madi will face Kamille next week, I am surprised Madi is here. Madi has great attitude, and has hilarious facial expressions. Nice boy Mimms is nicely and softly spoken, and he wants the NWA TV title. I don’t mind these duo interviews with people that have nothing to do with one another. Thank god in the NWA nobody gets their interviews interrupted.

Singles Match

Thom Latimer vs. Rush Freeman (w/Rolando Freeman)

After the build up from last week where Rolando scored his brother this match with #1 Contender to the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

I think Latimer needs to change his theme song if he’s going to be a top babyface, heavy death metal might not be it. Imagine he came out to Rock the Night by Europe, or Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions? I know that’ll never happen. Maybe Dokken? Some sort of epic hard rock music. Anyway, Rush makes Thom struggle early. Do Velvet and Tim Storm only show up for PPV’s now? What’s with the Joe and Danny duo? Anyway, Thom suddenly locks in a crossface and wins this one quick.

Chris Silvio Esq. and Blake Troop interview with Sam Laterna

Jax Dane is on the outs with SAVGS, now Blake Troop and Chris are targeting Jax Dane. Blake kept it nice and simple, good job boys.

Blunt Force Trauma and Aron Stevens Interview with Kyle Davis

Here we go again, Aron Stevens with his little jacket brush. SILENCE! Gosh he’s perfect for WWE now as a manager. He could have a 15 year run there as a manager now. Great promo again.

Tag Team Match

La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) (w/Vampiro) vs. Magic Inc. (Cody James & Jake Dumas) (w/CJ)

Time for our Main Event, and La Rebelion are going to get over here. Surprised La Rebelion hasn’t been signed up by a major organization yet. Magic Jake holding his own with La Rebelion, this is the best he’s looked in the ring, making Bestia and Mecha Wolf look good. CJ presenting, chokes Mecha Wolf, Vampiro walks over and she presents him. Hilarious. Things start to fall apart for Jake and Cody like they don’t know how to be a tag team. Big botch from Jake, dammit bro. Violent J clocks Vampiro. the Brothers of Funstruction cost La Rebelion the win! What an upset. I’m eating my words about La Rebelion getting over here, so this was a welcome change in what you would expect.

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