NWA Powerrr #125 Results


A New Era

It’s a new era for the NWA, and it’s the 2nd show in – We get a great intro to the show it really brought me up to speed on everything. They made new NWA World Women’s Champion Kenzie Paige seem super important. This hyped the show, we know what to expect, and I appreciate anytime it’s Joe Galli story time.

NWA World Television Title Tournament Qualifying Four Way Match

Zicky Dice defeats Dak Draper and Gaagz The Gymp and Judais (w/Father James Mitchell) (4:58)

I’m not sure about all this relinquishing of titles to gain a shot at the World Championship. I understand it’s something different but guess I haven’t ever been a fan of vacating title belts!

This was an interesting 4 Way. I just feel like Judais has always been a bit off with his timing, sometimes he’s okay but then other times just a bit off. He suffers from a bit of ‘Van Hammer’ Syndrome if you know what I mean. Surely the big man wins this one, he’s never really had the momentum he needs without being cut off along the way.

Superplex/powerbomb combination from Gaagz/Dice and Dak was spot of the match. Chokeslam on Dice from Judais, it looked to be mathmatical! He attempts one on Gaagz and is foiled. A damn good powerbomb on Judais by Dak Draper, was surprised he got him up for it. In the end Zicky Dice steals it and moves on to the TV Tournament final.

Sam Laterna Interview with The Southern Six

Sam Laterna is new, and boy, is she a doll. Very well spoken to, appears to be pretty solid in this role. I popped for Kerry Morton screaming about the Southern Six being GOOD CHRISTIAN BOYS. Thrillbilly was funny calling Sam ‘tuts’ and she had a great reaction to it. Alex Taylor is the icing on the cake, this was a good interview.

Jax Dane vs AJ Cazana

Jax Dane defeats AJ Cazana (3:46)

It appears SVGS and The Country Gentlemen have split up, can somebody confirm that for me? Good brawl between these two big bastards. Dane makes AJ tap to a Steiner Recliner, pretty much a squash win. Dane looked good here.

Interview with Ricky Morton

Just confirming Ricky’s involvement in the upcoming tag match. Always gotta love hearing Ricky Morton speak. Does anybody have an update on the Rock N’ Roll Express retirement tour?

Danny Dealz sells some merch, it is the most confusing and amusing merchandise selling segment I have ever seen. 

Interview with Rush and Rolando Freeman

-Brady Pierce has left the team of course

-Rush vs Latimer tonight

Tag Team Match (Special Guest Referee: Ricky Morton)

Homicide & Joe Alonzo (w/Jamie Stanley) defeat Colby Corino & Koa Laxamana (w/Kallies) (7:07)

I laughed at the beginning as Referee Ricky Morton found that Homicide had a fork in his boot. This seems slightly confusing with the unwilling partners tagging together and Jamie Stanley being the manager for Joe and Colby. Heat on Koa early on, Ricky is not counting for Joe as he goes for a pin. Jamie Stanley accidentally trips Joe. Colby came in like a house of fire, this all lead to further drama, Koa hits a spear on Homicide but Ricky Morton won’t count. Ricky then hit a low blow on Koa, quick count from Ricky follows after this and Joe pins Koa. This was so confusing. Am I missing some context here?

NWA Magazine

NWA magazine is promoted on their website, it’s a shame that the days of the magazine are pretty much over. It used to really accentuate the experience of being a fan.

EC3 Interview

EC3 requests an audience with Thom Latimer, Thom comes out, isn’t having any of Ethan’s BS and wants to know what he wants. EC3 offers Thom a shot at the belt if he relinquishes the TV Title.

Then here comes Kamille before the answer is made! And woah. She was looking fantastic. Kamille proceeded to run down EC3, before leaving it to EC3 to set the scene for the title match at the next PPV, which Thom pretty much accepted. This was a good confrontation.

Chris Adonis Interview

Kyles facial expressions kind of remind me of Mike Tenay sometimes. This didn’t serve a whole lot, just to get Chris’ “Sexy Jesus” moniker over and promote the TV Title tournament. 

Main Event time!

NWA World Women’s Title Match

Kenzie Paige (c) defeats Samantha Starr (4:12)

Here’s Kenzie’s first defence of the World title since dethroning Kamille at NWA 75. Kenzie showed good aggression, and Samantha showing improvement, although she is still a little green.

There was a good shine for Samantha, Kenzie made her look good here, so that she looks better by beating her. Kenzie with the Kenzie cutter, and it’s over! We go off the air with Kenzie holding the belt up high. This was a nice easy show. 

Questions for anybody out there:

1. Do you know what was going on in that tag team match and why it was booked?

2. When does NWA USA air? I can’t find it on the NWA YouTube channel at all.

3. Who would you rather be NWA World Champion; EC3 or Thom Latimer?

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