A hype show for MLW Fiteland coming up this weekend. All the matches we get this evening are replay matches but at least they will likely be decent in length. We go straight into the first replay match.

SHOW DATE: November 16th 2023

ANNOUNCE TEAM: Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker

MATCH #1- REPLAY- Jacob Fatu vs Calvin Tankman

Straight into here. This was a very good opening match between two charismatic and athletic big men. I thought both men looked great here but you can definitely see why Fatu is the chosen one so to speak in MLW. Tankman also looked great in a loss, a formidable looking opponent for Fatu to overcome. 

Rating: B-

MATCH #2- REPLAY- Alex Kane vs Willie Mack

Then we get somewhat of a throwback to when I began reviewing the show as we see another match between current MLW champion Alex Kane and Willie Mack.

These two have decent chemistry and Alex Kane looked like someone in this match, I can see why they chose this as a way to highlight their champion going into the PPV.

Rating: B+

MATCH #3- REPLAY – Alex Kane vs Tom Lawlor

In the final match of the episode we see Tom Lawlor taking on the current champion Alex Kane again in a losing effort but also showing why Lawlor who has recently returned is back and could be a threat to the title going forward.

Rating: B-


A pretty average episode, more of a build-up or hype package for Fiteland as opposed to a full-fledged episode in its own right. However, it did make me more intrigued than I had been previously for the PPV.


I’m conflicted. On one hand I don’t like all these replays and re-used content on the weekly show, but on the other, I think this particular episode being a go-home show, I can understand the reasoning behind why they did it this way for this episode.


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Daniel began watching professional wrestling in 2003 and has been an avid fan ever since. After spending time as an enhancement talent and manager for a local promotion, Daniel studied Film Television at Curtin University, specialising in writing.

Since 2018, he has been producing independent wrestling documentaries on his jooseyboy YouTube channel and has been a member of the WZWANetwork since 2020.

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