SHOW DATE: 9th November 2023

ANNOUNCE TEAM: Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker


We’ll be hearing from Don King on behalf of his client MLW Champion Alex Kane tonight. 

MLW Fusion 190

MATCH #1- Tracey Williams vs Griffin McCoy

It’s cool to Tracey wrestling again. The two of them have a very solid opening match that went for a bit under ten minutes. This was good, but I don’t see why a couple of minutes couldn’t be added to it. Surprising that Tracey lost considering he hasn’t been on the show and lost last time too. This is already better than last week’s episode.

Rating: C-

Mister Saint Lauren cuts a backstage promo promising vengeance for Matt Cardona’s stolen car last week and also discusses his plan to make FITELAND all about sports entertainment as opposed to wrestling.

This feels like the opposite of how to attract new fans to the product considering AEW and Impact have flirted with or are flirting with a similar heel gimmick. I think people are by and large tired of this “anti-wrestling” gimmick by now, even though MSL is decent on the mic. 

MATCH #2- Junai Kai w/ Salina De La Renta vs Riley Krowe

This was a fairly stock standard squash match here, with Junai showing off her impressive kicks, getting over as Selina’s first hand-picked female charge. Riley did a good job making Kai look impressive as well.

Rating: C-

Salina then cuts a promo putting over Junai even more, which is then somewhat undermined by Junai saying the words “kick demon” afterwards and nothing else.

Then we cut to another promo from Ricky Shane Page about turning Fiteland into a wasteland. 

This then triggers the Second Gear Crew to have another “wild” brawl with The calling near the commentary area. Weirdly placed. 

MATCH #3- Midas Black & Jay Lyon vs Mr Thomas and O’Shay Edwards

It’s good to see a match happening on Fusion that is actually pertinent to current MLW goings on. Since Thomas and Edwards represent the BFC which is the stable of the champ, it makes sense that they would get the win, though once again this was barely longer then 3 minutes.

Rating: D+


I am honestly starting to understand why many of the talents in MLW are starting to publicly ask for their releases. There is simply not enough screen time to go around, not enough money to be made working exclusively for MLW, and there’s now 3 major companies to work for and make good money.

MLW needs a shock to the system and they need it fast. There are still too many backstage segments and non sequitur moments in the show. 


I’m pleased to say this week was an improvement over the past 3 or so weeks by a large margin, however, it still feels painfully obvious that the promotion is stuck in the mud somewhat.


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Daniel began watching professional wrestling in 2003 and has been an avid fan ever since. After spending time as an enhancement talent and manager for a local promotion, Daniel studied Film Television at Curtin University, specialising in writing.

Since 2018, he has been producing independent wrestling documentaries on his jooseyboy YouTube channel and has been a member of the WZWANetwork since 2020.

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