MLW FUSION EPISODE #186 Results and Reviews for October 13 (2023)

ANNOUNCE TEAM: Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker


We get a look at the upcoming MLW Slaughterhouse event on October 14th, including the Chamber of Horrors match between Second Gear Crew and The Calling, as well as Minoru Suzuki vs Jacob Fatu.

We cut to Mance Warner backstage trying to drunkenly assemble the chamber of horrors apparatus without success. Then we cut to a preview of MLW Heavyweight Champ Alex Kane vs Davey Boy Smith Jnr, also taking place at Slaughterhouse.

The announcers mention that Alex Kane and Davey Boy Jnr had faced off before Alex was ever champion, and then threw to their previous match at MLW Underground, several years ago. It seems to be standard in MLW to replay previous matches in order to familiarize the audience and maximize the assets they have in their tape library; however, this reviewer has mixed feelings about the idea of running replayed matches on a weekly basis. Although at least this particular replay was pertinent to the upcoming Heavyweight title match.

Singles Match Replay

Davey Boy Smith Jnr vs Alex Kane

This match took up approx. one third of the episode’s running time. It was a very good match was technical, fast paced and sports-like; and it seems almost certain that these two will have a very good match come October 14th. However, it does take some of the shine away from a fresh episode of Fusion by starting with a replay.

Rating: B-

We then cut to a vignette with the Second Gear Crew, again hooting and hollering about the Chamber of Horrors match at Slaughterhouse. It’s excellent the way MLW has a clear and concise direction in which they’re headed, because as a viewer it is so much easier allow yourself to become invested when you feel like the show is consistent- one nit-pick though, this promo was skirting the line of becoming too humorous for what is meant to be a violent and brutal match.

We are reminded of how influential Selina De La Renta could very well be at Slaughterhouse and the power she is gaining in MLW. The show knows who the key characters are and why the audience needs to care about what they will do at the PPV.

The announcers then hype the Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match at Slaughterhouse between 1 Called Manders and Ricky Shane Page. It’s a fun idea; the wheel is labelled with different match types and whatever it lands on will be the type of match they have. These two have done a good job making this feel like a serious feud, despite having very little TV time on Fusion.

No Ropes Catch Wrestling Match Replay

Davey Boy Smith Jnr. Vs Alex Kane

This is just overkill, a second replay featuring these two in another previous MLW match, this time a no ropes catch wrestling match. The match itself was good but this just feels lazy as a fan having to sit through two replayed matches. This one was taped

Rating: C+

Then we see Mance Warner again dealing with preparations for the COH match, again, mostly played for laughs. Felt superfluous.

40 Man Battle Riot Match Replay

Alex Kane comes out victorious in this replay. So, this entire episode had no fresh matches, just promos for Slaughterhouse and replayed matches between the same two opponents who are facing off for the title at the PPV. This was uninspired and left a sour taste in my mouth.

Rating: DUD

We close with more hype for the PPV. I like the hustle of pushing your PPV heavily but the episode itself was very disappointing and felt like filler in the worst way.

Final Thoughts

Strange combination of being interested in the PPV, but woefully let down by the go home episode of tv for the PPV. Not good at all.


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