MLW Fusion Episode #181 Recap & Review

Mark Saint Laurant cuts a very good, humorous backstage promo whining about how much of a catastrophe the Kiss My Foot match between Mance Warner and MSL’s representative Matt Cardona was at MLW Fury Road.



MLW Fusion intro plays to officially open the episode, while the announcers hype Calvin Tankman taking WXW’s Shigihiro Ire in an inter promotional main event. MLW appears to be heavily investing in growing relationships with other promotions.

Things to come

Mark Saint Laurent marches to the ring and cuts and in ring promo talking about how he has acquired a promoter’s license and that in spite of being on MLW TV; he is starting a new promotion, which appears that it will take the form of a stable or faction operating as its own entity within Major Laegue Wrestling.

Saint Laurent then to that end, brings out Snitsky, formally of WWE. Snitsky is scheduled for a match against enhancement talent El Youseff, who is working an ancient Egyptian type character.

Snitsky vs El Youseff

Snitsky dominates the match with 3 or 4 big but basic moves that put over his power and strength. Youseff did a great job making him look dangerous.

After Snitzsky wins the match they stretcher Youseff out only for Snitsky to beat him down even more while he is strapped to the stretcher. Snitzsky is being presented as a big threat to the roster and a big boon for MSL’s new promotion.

Selina De Larenta

We then cut to a return vignette for the valet/manager, Selina De Larenta, who is coming back to MLW to create a pipeline in MLW through which she plans to bring in the top wrestling talent from Mexico and elsewhere.

Mane Event and Microman vs The FBI

Microman, a little person luchador and crowd favourite teamed with two allies, a team named Mane Event in a six man tag match against the FBI- the team of Little Guido, Big Guido and their partner, Ricardo Rodriguez formerly of WWE fame.

Rodriguez cuts a humorous promo talking about how he can team with the FBI because Latins and Italians are basically the same anyway. VERY FUN little match that focused on showcasing Microman and doing some humorous comedic spots in the ring. Microman and the Mane Event get the win, only for Snitzsky to come back out and decimate Microman and his partners.

Snitsky attempts to punt kick Microman’s skull only for Mance Warner and company to run in and make the save for them. Great promo package putting over BOMBAYE Alex Kane, who is fresh off his excellent title defence vs Willie Mack at Fury Road.

Next, we go to our cross promotional main event between Shigihiro Irie of WXW in Germany and MLW’s Calvin Tankman.

Shigihiro Irie vs Calvin Tankman

This was an extremely physical and hard-hitting match that felt like the dose of serious wrestling the episode needed in an episode otherwise focused more on continuing storylines and angles.


Overall a compelling episode of TV produced by a company who seem to know where they want to go.
B –

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Daniel began watching professional wrestling in 2003 and has been an avid fan ever since. After spending time as an enhancement talent and manager for a local promotion, Daniel studied Film Television at Curtin University, specialising in writing.

Since 2018, he has been producing independent wrestling documentaries on his jooseyboy YouTube channel and has been a member of the WZWANetwork since 2020.

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