MLW Fusion #185 Results and Review for October 5 (2023)

ANNOUNCE TEAM: Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker


We open as always with a rundown of what to expect on tonight’s episode. The announcers talk about the World Titan Federation Mystery Superstar facing off against MLW Heavyweight Champion Bombaye Alex Kane, Mister Saint Lauren has requested Mic time to respond to allegations made about sleazy business practices on his part; plus, Selina De La Renta announces her big deal first signee who will be competing at MLW Slaughterhouse. 

Tornado Tag Team Match

Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice) vs The Calling (Cannonball and Talon)

This was a physical and wild brawl that was a decent bout, although it felt very similar to the street fight on last week’s episode. After a promising start from the calling, Cannonball is immobilized outside of the ring and unable to assist his partner. Talon misses his chair shot and get hit hard with vicious running clothesline from Manders. Justice takes to the corner turnbuckle for an aerial body splash on the downed talon and sealing the win with cover.

Rating: C+


Swerve Strickland vs King Ricochet

A replay from MLW’s comeback show 6 years ago featuring two talents in the major promotions today, which was a good match but took up large amount of the episode’s running time and made the episode feel like a filler show. 

Rating: B-

Mister Saint Laurent cuts a great promo backstage claiming he is a legitimate businessman who is simply trying to making a living as promoter- basically exactly the kind of schtick every used car salesman would pitch. It was very well done and a highlight of the episode.

Selina De La Renta announces CMLL WORLD HISTORIC WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION Rocky Romero as her first major acquisition for MLW, who will be competing against AKIRA at MLW Slaughterhouse. This was also a very well-presented promo by Selina. 

Singles Match

Alex Kane vs Snitsky

WTF Superstar Gene Snitsky comes out for a non-titlematch against heavyweight champion Alex Kane. This match never really got out of the first gear and Alex Kane picked up a very quick and easy win in this match which was over in about 5 minutes. Snitsky looks great and can still wrestle but it devalued him losing as quickly as he did here, even to the champion. 

Rating: D+


The show closes out with the announcers hyping Slaughterhouse and next week’s episode of the show as they go off the air.

FINAL THOUGHTS & RATING: This was the least entertaining episode thus far but it was still OK overall. It’s fine to treat your TV as an advertisement for your bigger events; but it comes off a bit cheap when there are replays involving totally unrelated performers as was the case here. 

Rating: C-

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Daniel began watching professional wrestling in 2003 and has been an avid fan ever since. After spending time as an enhancement talent and manager for a local promotion, Daniel studied Film Television at Curtin University, specialising in writing.

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