Impact Wrestling #1001 Results September 21 (2023)

Westchester County Center
White Plains, New York

We start the show with highlights of last week’s first, and we’re continuing the celebrations for the 1000th Episode this week as well.

Ultimate X Match

Rich Swann vs. Samuray del Sol vs. Mike Bailey vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Ace Austin vs. Alan Angels

Of course, we can’t get out of any sort of occasion without one of these types of matches. You know, I didn’t realize Zachary Wentz was the former Nash Carter – good to see he’s getting some work now after the debacle of his WWE release. This match was of course what you would expect, full of scenarios where people could jump onto other people. They all again spent most of the match on the outside of the ring just like how the Feast or Fired was. One thing that bugged me was that they all kept on seemingly climbing the same corner each time, why would anybody do that? Finally, Samurai Del Sol did something that made sense, and climbed from a different corner. This was set up to look like this could be anybody’s, and Wentz was the story of the match by taking people out by spraying spray paint in their eyes. Bailey was hanging upside down alone for an awful long time. Wentz ended up getting Ace Austin taken out with more spray paint to the eyes! It was down to Bailey and Alan Angels as we get our predictable fan chants, Angels manages to grab the X and I’m glad he won because it was something different. Not a bad match but you know me, I’m not a fan of that style.

Angels cuts a promo about being the frontman of the X Division and cashes it in for next week against Chris Sabin. There’s a good chance he doesn’t win that.

Singles Match

Dirty Dango (w/Alpha Bravo) vs. Jake Something

This match has the old graphics, scrolling bar at the bottom, and the old Fox Sports Net TNA iMPACT throwback of having a guest Judge for the match, who happens to be former Impact Tag Team Champion, Chase Stevens from The Naturals – with the match having the 10 minute time limit. As an old fan during that era, I appreciate this effort. Jake Something dominated the match early. I still honestly want to see Jake and Dijak from NXT have a match! Alpha Bravo got involved and accidentally knocked Dango out, and Jake hit the ‘Into the Void’ for the win with 6:02 remaining in the match. Chase Stevens did a sterling job wearing that headset and pretending to analyze who would win the match if it hit the time limit.

Steve Maclin cuts a promo on Rhino, threatening him after that happened last week, and then Rhino screamed ‘MACLIN!’ and gored him through some equipment. They should have had monitors fall on Santino who reprimanded Rhino, and Santino should have said he felt threatened for his life.

Singles Match

Eric Young (w/Scott D’Amore) vs. Kenny King (w/Sheldon Jean)

A Team Canada throwback with Eric and Scott, of course Bobby Roode (who’s probably close to getting released as it is) and Petey Williams can’t be at this show. Sheldon attacks Eric early on, and Scott hits one of them with a hockey stick, we get a DQ folks. Here comes Shark Boy, the deputy Director of Authority for this show. He makes it a Tag Team Match. Shell Yeah!

Tag Team Match

Kenny King & Sheldon Jean vs. Team Canada (Eric Young & Scott D’Amore)

Comically, immediately Big Kon and Deaner of The Design attacks Team Canada. Another DQ! Shark Boy then said “Ahh! Ahh!” and makes it an 8 Man Tag Team Match, as he introduced Team Canada’s partners, and we got another America’s Most Wanted reunion!

Eight Man Tag Team Match

America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) & Team Canada (Eric Young & Scott D’Amore) vs. The Design (Deaner & Kon), Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

Chris Harris and James Storm come out looking cool as hell in their fresh gear, and this is again, the nostalgia we’re looking for. I kept on thinking where has James Storm been the last few years, so it was cool seeing he and my good friend Chris Harris together again. Scott D’Amore with some surprising work, hitting a sweet knee drop. Kon got in there for a bit of heat, but again the big man can’t keep it together and Eric Young gave him a big time Death Valley Driver. You know what? I’d like to see Kon win a squash match. He’s always putting others over. Harris came flying in and hit a massive flyign clothesline, showing Harris still has a LOT of pace! D’Amore hit an awesome Sky High on Sheldon Jean, followed by an Eric Young Piledriver for the win. That was fun!

We see Team 3D’s post reunion live promo from last weeks show, as the fans showed their appreciation.

Feast or Fired Ceremony with Host Dave LaGreca

Dave LaGreca to present a segment to find out who get’s a title shot and who gets fired from the 4 Feast or Fired briefcases from last weeks show. They all want a Tag Title Shot. Crazzy Steve is hoping for a heart or a liver, his giggle was creepy yet very entertaining, as everybody in the room was creeped out by it. Steve opens his briefcase and he gets a Digital Media Title opportunity. “And the world was full of Dreamers” he repeats over and over as he leaves. Moose gets a World Title shot, as he should. Chris Bey and Ace get the Tag Title opportunity, which means by process of elimination, Yuya is apparently about to get fired. Very solemn music playing in the background. Yuya is devastated as Joe Hendry consoles him.

Singles Match

Josh Alexander vs. Trey Miguel (w/Zachary Wentz)

Two of Impact Wrestling’s MVP’s of the last few years taking eachother on in the next match. I was happy to hear Josh Alexander get in the PWI 500 top 10 this year, even if most of the list was confusing as all shit. Miguel got dominated early by Josh, before gaining the advantage thanks to his co-Tag Champ, Zachary Wentz. Josh hit this amazing German Suplex at one stage in which Trey took the infamous moonsault bump. Amazing reversal of the Meteora into the Ankle lock from Josh Alexander at one stage, Zachary Wentz gets involved before Alex Shelley attacked Wentz? C4 Spike from Josh which looked SICK and Josh retains. Josh and Alex Shelley then had a confrontation on the mic, where Josh informs Alex he’s challenging him for Bound for Glory for the Impact World Championship. 

Will Ospreay Vs Mike Bailey is announced for Bound for Glory. Mike Bailey and Gresham have a really unrealistic conversation that ends up in antagonizing one another. I love how pro wrestling works. Bailey suggests a match between the two of them and boops Gresham on the nose as he says it.

The Rascalz have a situation with one half of the Good Hands, who reveals they helped the Rascalz win the Tag Titles in exchange for a future title shot. The ABC interrupt weilding their briefcase (what are the odds!) and they talk about getting a title shot before the Good Hands do.


Sabins Vs Angels for the X Division Title

Dreamer/Heath Vs Kenny King/Sheldon Jean in a Memphis Street Fight

Mike Bailey faces Jonathan Gresham

Yuya Uemura has his farewell to Impact ceremony.

Ten Knockouts Tag Team Match

Angelina Love, Deonna Purrazzo, Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Tasha Steelz (w/Jai Vidal & Velvet Sky) vs. Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Jordynne Grace, Mickie James & Trinity (w/Raisha Saeed)

Time for the highly anticipated Knockouts Main Event! I went into this super, super excited to see Kong and Gail Kim wrestle. I just WISH they brought back the ORIGINAL Trinity! She was the original TNA Knockout, no disrespect to Traci Brooks. It’s funny seeing wrestling fans desperate for a high five. Who cares bro. The Beautiful People make their entrance to their theme song that pops me because of how skanky and sexy it is. I always found their entrance to be hilarious to be honest, just telling the cameraman to shoot you-know-where as they step through the ropes. Angelina Love actually appeared on todays Ring of Honor on Honor Club as well for those playing at home.

I really don’t like Jordynne Graces hair being curly. I know that’s a stupid observation, I just don’t think it suits her. Mickie gets her shine on Tasha Steelz and Deonna, I think we were all excited for Kong to get in there. Gail got the hot tag though and she still looks good out there! She’s still got it. Velvet destroys Gail on the outside by pulling her off the ring apron. Dude, Gail hit her head incredibly hard on the floor. That was really messed up. A quick google search, she said she was “Rattled.” Gail soldiered on, impressively. Kong finally gets the hot tag and starts laying waste. It breaks down to the usual thing we expect, Gail with a big crossbody off the top rope to a pile of Knockouts, and it looks like Kong is going to destroy Gisele Shaw for the win. Implant Buster after a choke slam on Gisele, and Team Kong/Kim/James/Trinity and Gail Kim get the big win. Angelina Love superkicks Jai Vidal who gets paper bagged by the Beautiful People. We go off the air!

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