AEW Rampage Results & Reviews for October 13 (2023)

Commentary – Excalibur, Paul Wight and Tony Shchivone  

Cable Dahmer Arena, Independence MO

Good to hear Paul Wight on commentary, I think he done a great job. 

I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks Rampage has become the C show where it’s just cold matches and not a hell of lot of storyline or character development.

I’m hoping this won’t be the case for this show. 

Trios Tag Team Match

Hardys and Brother Zay Vs Daniel Garcia, Angelo Parker and Matt Manard

The Hardys are that devalued in AEW they don’t even get an entrance as all 6 men are standing in the ring as the show kicks off. 

The Hardys entrance used to be one that got everyone off their seat. Their return to WWE a few years ago at Wrestlemania was one of the loudest pops in Mania history, now they don’t even get an entrance. 

I feel I’ve already seen this match before in a 8 man tag format so this match seems to have got the wash, rinse, repeat treatment now as a 6 man tag. 

Last time around it was Daniel Garcia’s dancing that cost his team the win, this time he did it again but managed to hit Brother Zay with the DDT to get the win. 

Angelo Parker was still upset about the dancing in the match and left the ring annoyed showing dissension in the group. 

 A last week backstage segment with Penta with the Bang Bang gang interrupting him was next.  Jay White teased Penta saying he has no belts just like his brother Rey Fenix. Penta called White a thief and there was a tease that they will be facing each other soon.

Backstage interview with Renee Paquette from after the match with Daniel Garcia, Angelo Parker Matt Manard and Jake Hager. 

More tension between the group. Hager says they all need to “Squash It”, Angelo tells everyone to “Squash it” and leaves. 

Singles Match

Jay Lethal vs Trent Beretta

Another match with no backstory. Lethal had his entourage of the Jarrett’s, Sonjay Dutt and Satnagn.

Lethal jumped Beretta to get the early advantage. Lethal talked in to the camera about taking the ROH title and how he is going to take it off Kingston totally dismissing Beretta in the match.  

Competitive match with great athleticism but we all knew Lethal was winning this match as he hit the lethal injection for the win, gaining momentum for his match against Eddie Kingston for the ROH title. 

A Santana and Ortiz face to face package was next. I heard these guys had or do have real life heat with one another. This came across in this package. Both men criticised each other for not being there and being selfish. 

I feel like this was the most real thing on the show,   AEW will need to transition this into the show and create actual intruige so the audience cares when these two finally lock up. We will see where this goes. 

Singles Match

Emi Sakura vs Sky Blue 

Another cold match with no back story. 

This was my first time seeing Emi Sakura on the show, she is a Japanese veteran and wrestled and carried her self that way. 

Skye Blue possibly has the best butt in women’s wrestling. Yowee Wowee! 

I wish AEW would do more with her so we get to know about her because so far I haven’t seen any character development. It’s just been cold matches. 

Emi dominated most of the match but couldn’t put Skye away, Skye hit a super kick and impressively hit the code blue to stun Emi to pick up the victory. 

Tag Team Match

Gates of Agony vs Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta 

Blackpool Combat members Claudio and Yuta have been featured on most shows and have been a prominent part of AEW.

Gates of Agony have barely been featured so we don’t really know much about them except they are in the Mogul Embassy with Swerve Strickland. 

I’ve said it before but Kaun of Gates of Agony has a great look and they definitely should be doing more with this guy.  

It’s hard to watch a match that you know the outcome to and that seems to be a regular occurrence on Rampage.

I’m just not buying Wheeler Yuta taking on the two members of Gates of Agony and chopping them both, in reality they would squash him, this is the second match I’ve seen Gates of Agony take an unrealistic beating from smaller opposition. 

Castagnoli took everyone out which left Yuta to hit a splash off the top rope to pick up the win which we knew would be the case.

Second week I’m a row the main event of Rampage has had no stakes and just was a good competitive match to finish the show.

Sticking to this format I can’t see any way this show can grow its viewers. Predictable and uninspiring.  

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Kev Curran

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