AEW Rampage Results & Reviews for November 10 (2023) 


Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA

Commentary – Tony Schivone, Nigel Mcguiness 

AEW Rampage

Singles Match

Ricky Starks with Big Bill vs Preston Vance 

Ricky Starks is a hot commodity in AEW right now and looks like he is walking and talking with a lot of confidence. I’m not fancying Preston Vance in this one. 

I haven’t seen Vance before but it tells me he is a former Dark Order member which makes his odds of winning decrease even more.  

Vance took it to Starks aggressively from the get go. He is quite a well built guy and I’m unsure why he hasn’t been used in the last while. 

Big Bill on commentary was quite entertaining, some of Stark’s cockiness has rubbed off on him and you can tell he is just naturally a funny guy. 

This was a much more of a contest than I was expecting, super physical. 

Vance went for his full Nelson but was reversed but then landed a modified DVD driver, at this point Starks was looking in real trouble.

Big Big sensed this and jumped up on the apron, Vance took a swing at Bill and missed, when he turned around Starks hit a spear and pinned him for the win. Vance had a good showing in this match and looked like he isn’t going to be easy to beat. 

Starks and Bill went for the beat down on Vance after the bell, Vance was saved by Rush and Dralistico who ran down the ramp, Starks and Bill retreated. 

Why would they retreat? Look at the size of Big Bill, why would he be scared of them? Nonsense.

Rene Paquette with Chris Jericho backstage. 

Jericho cut a promo on Takeshita who he is facing at the Tokyo Dome on Sunday which isn’t a AEW event and which I’m assuming is a NJPW show. 

Lexi backstage with Don Callis and Prince Nana 

These guys seem to have done a bit of business so that Brian Cage of Mogul Embassy will joining up with the Don Callis family for one night this Wednesday to join their team to face Jericho and Omegas team. 

Lexi backstage with Jeff Jarrett and his faction. 

Jarrett bragged about beating Eddie Kingston in the falls count anywhere match and Jay Lethal says he will take Kingstons ROH World Title when he gets his shot. 

Ortiz comes in the scene and says they have been talking about him so he is coming to them to hear it face to face. 

Ortiz starts swinging at Lethal and Jarret which was a big mistake as he gets pummeled . 

Singles Match

Ruby Soho vs Red Velvet 

Red Velvet returned and lost on Dynamite, Soho on the other hand has been picking up wins and has a little love angle going on with Angelo Parker. 

Velvet seems a fiery character and just like a lot of the women on the roster we don’t get to know much about her with no character development. 

Soho said she wanted to do this match her self with no help. She was in a lot of trouble as Velvet nailed her with a flurry of standing moon salts and kicks. 

Soho fought her way back in this match and looked in complete control until some flowers were presented to her from a worker. Velvet rolled her up for the pin but she narrowly escaped.

Velvet hit a spinning kick and pinned Soho. 

Nigel Mcguiness said “what an upset” and I would have to agree, I didn’t expect this. 

That flower spot was so stupid and hokey, who is coming up with this? 

Tag Team Match

The Kingdom (Taven and Bennett) vs Los Suavecitos (Danny Rose and Ricky Gee)

Roderick Strong came out with The Kingdom and bad mouthed Oakland, he dedicated the match to his friend “ADAM” in his distinct annoying voice. 

Not only were the Los Suavecitos already in the ring, we didn’t even get to know who they were as nothing came up on the screen. 

Taven and Bennet made quick work of them, Roderick Strong ran in the ring after the match, took his neck brace off and attacked one of the Los Suavecitos, he then pretended it hurt him and he went back in the wheelchair and put his neck brace back on. 

Lexi backstage with Daniel Garcia, Matt Manard and Angelo Parker

Garcia challenges Andrade for Collision, Saraya and Ruby Soho enter the scene accusing Angelo of sending the flowers, both Soho and Angelo are gushing at one another, with Saraya and Manard agreeing they have big problems. Some really lame stuff going on in this scene. 

Lexi backstage with The Kingdom and Roderick Strong.

Kingdom are celebrating their win until Action Andretti and Darius Martin come in the scene saying they have beaten The Kingdom before and could do it again. 

Roderick Strong in his voice says “Darius” and that Darius will be his first victim as he leaves in his wheelchair. 

Tag Team Match

FTR vs Vakingo and Komander with Alex Abrahantes

Two different styles for this one, FTR are an adaptable team and seem able to have a good match with anyone.

Vakingo did some crazy high flying stuff early that excited the crowd, there was a spot where he had Cash Wheeler in the corner, he jumped off the top rope into a hurricanrana to Cash directly below, my only critique is that he takes a while to get his balance so that Cash is sitting there looking up at him waiting for him to jump which looks a little suspect. 

Cash was on the outside, Vakingo ran off the ropes with such speed and jumped through the middle ropes to nail his opponent but Cash got out of the way and it looked like Vakingo smashed head first into the announce table. 

The referee seemed to stop the match through the ad break, back from the as break it was Dax and Kommander in the ring. AEW places the ad breaks, especially at the end of the shows in such bad positions where a lot of the match gets eaten up. 

Vakingo and Kommander did a double 450 splash on both memeber of FTR in perfect unison, this match was a faced paced action packed affair and the crowd ate it up. 

Lots of near falls from both teams it could have gone either way but it was FTR that got the win with a double team at the end to pin Kommander. 

Another handshake/hug finish with all men embracing each other to end the show. 

A lot more backstage stuff than usual for Rampage, I’m noticing a lot of the backstage stuff are all in the same positions with the same generic questions. Getting away from this dynamic would help things not seem so sterile with the backstage segments. 

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