AEW Rampage Results & Reviews for November 1 (2023)

KFC YUM Center, Louisville, KY

Commentary – Tony Schivone, Excalibur, Paul Wight

AEW Rampage

Triple Threat Match 

El Hijo del Vikingo vs Penta El Zero vs Komander 

This was like a luchadore match from WCW back in 97/98 on steroids, at times you would think you had the match on fast forward it was that fast paced.

The difference between these guys and the guys from WCW is that they aren’t as smooth, they take way more risks, sometimes it looks absolutely spectacular and other times it can look a bit messy. 

Penta is the biggest star in this match and dominated a lot of it. He has the most personality and his mask looks badass. 

Blink and you would miss it, there was so much going on. A crazy flying Canadian destroyer from Kommander was a highlight. 

One thing i did pick up was with Vakingo, he looks like he is concentrating so hard on not botching his moves he doesn’t look present in the matches with his facials. That fluidity in transition is what he is missing. 

Penta did a crazy spot, he had both men on the outside apron, he had Vakingo in a Gory Special and Kommander in a modified piledriver and smashed them both hard on the hardest part of the ring. 

Sometimes I wonder how these guys don’t have broken necks after the match, remember when the piledriver was banned? Now they are doing it on the hardest part of the ring. 

Vakingo hit a 630 senton bomb on Penta, crazy stuff! 

Kommander hit another devastating flip splash on Vakingo taking him out, Penta took advantage and grabbed Kommander and hot his modified piledriver to pick up the win. Insane match. 

Jeff Jarrett’s group backstage, hyping Jay Lethal to beat Eddie Kingston and become the new ROH World Champion.

The group leaves and Ortiz comes in the scene  and says his ears were burning because someone was talking about him but he will deal with it next week. 

Tag Team Match

The Gunns (with Jay White and Juice Robinson) vs Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal. 

Daniel’s and Sydal were already in the ring, we have been conditioned that this treatment usual results in a loss. 

The Bang Bang were their usual obnoxious selfs in this match, posing and treating their opponents like they were an afterthought.

Daniel’s and Sydal got a lot more offense in this match than I anticipated but it was short lived as The Gunns hit a their double team finisher to pick up another win. 

RJ City was backstage to announce the return of Danhausen, he came on the screen and said it was next week and left. Weird segment. 

Saraya and Ruby Soho backstage interview, Saraya talks down to Soho here like she would be nothing without her and calls her kid and leaves. Angelo Parker comes in the scene and offers Soho to comb her hair, she says don’t even think about it and leaves.

Matt Menard comes in the scene and blames Angelo for losing their match on Dynamite

Singles Match

Marina Shafir vs Sky Blue 

I thought I hasn’t seen Shafir before but as soon as she took her shoes and socks off and threw them  in the crowd I remembered her, such a weird thing to do but possibly someone with a foot fetish may strike lucky getting her sweaty socks.

Skye Blue continues to build momentum, she is getting some dialogue on the show but just needs a better storyline. 

A cold match, with no story behind it.

Shafir tried to tap out Blue but she bit her to break the hold, she complained to the referee and ended up getting caught with Skyes Code Blue finisher. 

Singles Match

Trent Beretta vs Daniel Garcia 

Two wrestlers I’m not exactly thrilled about to watch have a match, mainly because I find them both bland. 

Beretta is a veteran and has been around a long time in AEW, he is a solid pro wrestler but hasn’t found that thing that makes me care about what he is doing. 

Same goes with Garcia, his look is very bland to me, even this dancing gimmick he is currently doing I just find silly but the AEW hardcores love it. 

Garcia taps out Beretta to pick up the win, he then grabs the mic and challenges MJF. This is getting ridiculous with how many people MJF is being involved with. 

After a decent show last week, this Rampage went right back to having cold matches and not a hell of lot going on. 

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Kev Curran

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